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Journey as a Microsoft Student Partner

I have previously shared about the benefits/responsibilities as an MSP in my blog:

Being a Microsoft Student Partner

Here, I would like to share personal experiences of being an MSP. And I do have to thank my friends and everyone who appreciated and helped in any way to make this year beautiful and exciting.

It all starts with a college event on Microsoft Technology by MSPs 2012. I got to attend Allen sir’s presentation and I really do have to thank Allen sir for inspiring us to excel our career in Microsoft platform. That’s where I first learn about an MSP.

I had no idea what it was like to be an MSP, yet I wanted to be, by heart and soul.
So, I did apply. I had immense enthusiasm to learn about new technology and explore new tools, applications and services. Yet, I was not sure, if I would be selected.

My friend Anish Maharjan told be Blogging really counts in the selection process. So, why not blog huhh….

But the problem was, what the heck was “Blogging”?

I did follow blogs on Building Windows 8 by Steven Sinofsky, Head of Windows 8 development team and Winsupersite by Paul Thurrot.

I tried to write my on blogs, mainly on Windows 8. That’s where I see the future of innovation.
It was quite good to know to get selected.

There are of course, bitter experiences playing with technology. Windows 8 was really fascinating so I installed the beta version of Windows aka Release Preview on my friends’ laptops. And their motherboard, sound drivers and network system crashed. okay, I was in trouble. But I do have to thank for the incidence that encouraged me to Windows ecosystem and Microsoft platform, I wonder why ? I do have to thank Tika Raj Neupane, TJ Ojha and Sudip Karki for letting me try their machines for beta product.

Anyway, it is good to know the final version is stable and has no problem.

I do believe, technology should do all the hard work and make people lives better and happier. And I think primary aim of an MSP should be to help people understand the technology and encourage them to implement in their lives. It has always been pretty exciting to share what you know and learn beautiful things from your friends and the community. And I believe learning and sharing what you learn is pretty amazing.

To share about experiences of college events, I do have to thank my friends for providing all the support.  I would like to thank Alpana Rai, Subash Karki, Tika Raj Neupane, Tej Ojha, Manish Kunwar, Rajan Gautam , Dip Roca, Archana Joshi & Hashna Dhaubadel.

And it feel pretty good to be able to be providing students community access to Windows 8 and help them learn and get started to the new Windows.

The finest moment in the MSP program for me, is Blogging Workshop by MSPs.

I requested Allen sir to provide this training to students’ community in my college. Instead he asked me to conduct with the help of other MSPs. And I do have to thank him for providing this opportunity.

I sought for support in the MSP group. It was kind of nervous, exciting and confusing moment on how you are going to do it. Reply form Sagar Pokhrel, Sazza Karki and Anita Maharjan was quite pleasing. And it was pretty awesome that Ranjana Dangol, Samundra Paudel, Aashish Budathoki, David Acharya and Sheela Bogati joined for the program. I am actually running out of words to thank them for being very friendly and providing so much support.

I would also like to thank Dipendra sir for giving him valuable time helping us prepare for the event. And a very special thanks to Rashmi Manandhar as well.


I was quite good to be presenting in next training on blogging by Anil Bhaila for the members of Unique Open Crew. It was quite a good time to be presenting with Rimola Maharjan along with fellow MSPs.

I believe college and community events are best part of MSP program because this is where you get to meet new people and make friends.

Training have always been charms of the MSP program. And especially I guess, we had a pretty good time in the training of digital photography, time management and digital citizenship. We got to learn working in group and innovating new ideas and translating them into actions in quite a short time. That is quite a fun. I guess we will be missing that the most.

Preparing a video on a day in the life of an MSP for Rushmi Bhuju, was quite a fun. There, I got to be friends with Rushmi Bhuju, Sonam Chhedon, Sophina Luitel, Success Maharjan and Ashish Budhathoki. And that feels pretty great.

MSP Summit at Dhulikhel with technical presentations, a truly inspiring speech by Dr. Tshering Lama and group projects were quite a fun. And dance part at midnight, how can I miss that? I did miss someone important at the summit.

Being an MSP, I did get chance to dive into insights of new technologies. It is quite fun remembering streaming Windows 8 launch event at New York with Aashish Shrestha. It feels great to learn many things form Chandan Gupta, Shaksham Baral, Nabin Paudel, Suman Ghimire, Bibek Shrestha and Saurav Bajracharya. And I would also like to give a special thanks to Shreejan Manandhar and Aashish Shrestha for helping me prepare for the MCSD certifications.

It is time for enrollment of new MSPs, and it is quite good to see the same excitement and passion for the technology. That reminds me, MSP program is for a year and I think our time is upto June 30. MSP year has been pretty exciting with surprises and pleasant experiences. And I do believe this is not the end. I would like to call it a beautiful start.

We will make a <big> DIFFERENCE </big>

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My Journey with Graphic Designing

The best thing I have come to love about Computer Science is graphic designing. For me, it is not just an application. It is more like a passion and interest. Before internet, Photoshop was my best friend. Now, I kind of miss spending time with editing photos and passion to learn new techniques in Photoshop. Nevertheless, when I get a little upset, spending time with Photoshop makes me quite happy forget the real world and get lost in new world of manipulations.

I guess, it all started when I was in class 7. I came to see my computer teacher changing background of a Mona Lisa image and keeping his image aside her. And I sharply remember that was on Photoshop version 6.0. This was the coolest thing I had ever seen on a computer and that moment really inspired me to learn Photoshop.

The problem was, I had no idea how to get started with. I was not even good at Microsoft Paint or Word or anything computer related. Anyways, I used to spend hours on Photoshop with the tools, often with frustrations what the heck are they. However, I was determined to learn no matter how many times I failed.

I was one of the kids who spent most of my childhood in Cyber playing Neo Geo and Need For Speed. There was a girl at the cyber who used to work on Photoshop creating greeting cards. I just used to sit beside her and stare on the screen. That was kind of weird, but who cared. :D

There were quite a few Photoshop Tutorial DVDs in cyber. So, started spending my tiffin money on buying the DVDs. And a DVD would cost Rs 80 then. That was kind of silly of me. However, the tutorials were of advanced level and it was very difficult for me to catch up. Anyways, that was my only way I could be doing some Photoshop edits. So, I spent quite a few weeks with the tutorials. And finally I was able to do some basic level editing. That was the best moment for me. And I was quite happy even thou I was not good at it.

Anyways, after that, all my hours were dedicated to Photoshop.

Photoshop is not just about editing photos, creating effects and manipulations. It means a lot to me. It is about creating a new world that I have always dreamt off: to be with someone you cannot be and make photos of people look beautiful who are special to you.

Tinker Bell Art


Creating a beautiful artwork is never an easy job. With Photoshop, you never know, what it is going to be like at the end. Probability of messing up with photo is always greater that making it look beautiful. It takes hours to create an artwork, but it is just a del key away to erase that if you do not like it.

There are few things I always look for inspiration to create an artwork:

- You have to fall in love with the photo. It is kind of like love at first sight relationship with the photo that you are going to work on.

- If you are working on an image of someone who is close/special to you, it will turn out to be really beautiful.

- No matter how many times you fail, you probably do not like to give up.

- Photoshop is all about imagination. So, just think what your photo is going to look like rather than how you are going to make it possible.

- With Photoshop, it is difficult, but never impossible.

- Just forget about rest of the world and work with all passion on the photo.

- Do not apply every effect and tool that you know. That will just make it worse. Rather, make it simple and let your photo have a story in it.

Anyways, the best part of about Photoshop for me is staring at the photo for quite a long time and zooming into every pixels. And no matter how the final effect turns out, it is especial, if you have worked on the image by all your heart. And getting good complements from people and friends is always pleasing.

I would like to share a story about one of my creations. And for me, it is my best artwork.

I have always been interested in digital portrait paintings in Photoshop. That basically means starting from scratch all the way to a beautiful and realistic portrait at the end. Sometimes, a base image makes work a lot easier.

This is the image that I worked as a project while I was taking course for Photoshop in Eclipse Animation Academy. It took almost 7 complete days to finish the image. I had no idea on how I was going to make it. I just knew I wanted to do it by ally my heart. So very second while working on the image, making mistakes and starting all over again was super exiting. Anyways, I was quite happy that I was able to do it. And this one is featured in quite a popular groups onDeviantart. That’s really exciting.

A beautiful girl – Digital Portrait


But again I have not been good at creating digital portrait. I quite often spend 2-3 days trying to create a painting and the image never ends of looking beautiful. And sometimes, you do not get good complements even though you have worked really hard. May be I am missing my passion. Anyways, I hope someday I will get what I am looking for.

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