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What if your Facebook is hacked ?

I am here discussing what if someone has taken over your account. This necessarily does not have to be getting hacked in more traditional sense. Your friend just could get access to your password via saved password on chrome or knew somehow.

And may be you could apply these tricks if you get access to someone’s account.  Just kidding :D

Getting access to one’s account is more complex then it seems. After all, there are quite many ways to recover the account if you cannot get access to your account. And the real owner of the account can get back the access in no time.

But if one applies these tricks, then your account could be nearly unrecoverable at any cost.

The account is easily recoverable by using the email address registered on Facebook. So, if I got access to your account, I would change the email and remove other secondary emails you registered.

And I would delete the registered mobile number, and change username and of course the real name.  

Facebook asks to identify your account via Name, Username, Mobile or email. And by modifying these, it will make a little difficult for you in the recovery process.

Facebook also associates a security question. And do not care about it. There is no way that anyone could know or change your security question, except for guessing. But via security question, Facebook will wait for 24 hours to verify your account.  And if I have access to the primary email registered on Facebook, it is just no use.

Facebook is going in favor of Trusted Contacts over Security Question. To make use of this feature you would have to pick 3-5 of your friends as trusted contacts so you could later get help from them to recover the account.

But if you have not selected your trusted contacts, it will let you get help from three random friends. The algorithm is pretty tricky that you do not get to choose the friends with something common.  That is in user’s favor.

So, if I had taken over your account, I would add three new accounts as friends and set them as trusted contacts and hence blocking your access to the account.
In case, you already picked your trusted contact, the only thing I could do is to first guess who you might have picked. For this, I would have to Facebook account recovery page and guess just one of the contacts and others will be revealed itself if I am correct. And unfriend your trusted contacts would do the job leaving you in confusion.

Remember that picking the Trusted contacts disables the Security Question feature.

Facebook lets you recover the account via letting you identify tagged photos of your friends or signing in from last recorded browser.

So I would just sign into your Facebook via multiple and different versions of browsers from different PCs blocking you from access your account via your PC.
And this feature mostly works if you are able to make it to use the recovery process shortly after your account info was changed.

You could you facebook Hacked Accounts page:


The page will ask you to enter your information that can verify you are the real owner of the account. But this is not automatic and handled by people at Facebook., thus making it clumsy and I doubt people at Facebook take a look at your request.

The only thing you could do is to request everyone to report the account and hope Facebook listens and create a new account.







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Facebook Privacy Algorithm

Facebook helps to connect with friends and families. But it has always been a backdoor to one’s privacy and can be merely used to gather information about someone.

Of course there are number of privacy settings. However, they are not just efficient in serving the purpose.

Furthermore, Graph Search is the worst thing ever happened to Facebook. The idea of social search if pretty darn good. But it clearly exploits people’s privacy by showing their updates and photos on the new search experience.

Sure, the photos have to be shared as public. But no one ever knew that the photos would be searchable just by name and place keywords. It never came to mind that my public posts would be made searchable someday.

The very features have translated Facebook into stalking/spying platform.
And the irony is most people are just ignorant or just don’t care. All they do care is to get crazy likes and comments on their updates.

Here is a graph showing, how secure it is to share on Facebook:

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Paybill Brand Ambassador | a beautiful start


I had an exciting year as a Microsoft Student Partner. You can read about my experiences of being an MSP here.

Being a Microsoft Student Partner

And yet again it is pretty good to be selected as a Paybill Brand Ambassador and hope for another productive and fun year. I really do have to thank Bibek Shrestha for believing in me and inviting for the program.

To learn more about Paybill, you can visit:


I have always been passionate about learning insights of new technologies. I believe technology should do the hard work and make people lives easier.

As a Paybill Brand Ambassador, it provides me opportunities to bring mobile ecommerce technologies forward and share with the students’ community.

On 15th July, we had induction program for being the Paybill Brand Ambassadors. It was a pleasing experience in the event. It was really good to see MSP friends joining there. It was like we are sure going to have fun.

Anyways, it was good time meeting the Paybill team and new friends from around 15 colleges. And I really do hope to become good friends with them.

I was too kind of new to the Paybill and technology powering its service. So, presentations form Sajeeb sir and Mohit sir were quite helpful. I enjoyed learing the technology side of Paybill service from Rabin sir. And lunch after the event was fun as well. I must say it was a productive and fun event and pretty excited for the next meeting.

As a technology student, I have always wanted to see the IT revolution in Nepal. And being a PBA helps me to be a part of the change in ecommerce and online payment here in Nepal.

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