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When technology becomes absolute passion
I believe why I am here, as an MSP or may be studying IT is all about the passion for the computer technology. And I remember it all started in 2004 when I was a computer for the first time at some kind of office in Kirtipur. And it all started the passion...

Posted: 03-15-2013 1:55 PM by Suraj kc | with 2 comment(s)

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MSP SummIT: Microsoft Today
MIC Nepal is organizing MSP Summit in Mirabel resort in Dhulikhel for two days 10 th and 11 th November in partnership with GENXT, Dell exclusively for MSPs 2012 and 2013. The event is pretty exciting with presentations on new technologies, fun programs...

Posted: 11-10-2012 1:01 PM by Suraj kc | with no comments

Microsoft vs Google: What's Next
Microsoft and Google are battling for the bigger ecosystem of devices and services. They are not quiet about their rivalry and do not miss any chance to piss off each other when ever possible. They are also mocking each other via commercials. You can...

Posted: 06-16-2012 5:34 PM by Suraj kc | with no comments

Microsoft's Windows 8 Army
Windows 8 is designed to run on a wide selection of devices- desktop, ultrabook, tablet, all in one pcs, hybrid pcs and may be e-reader from nook. It is a great opportunity for PC manufactures show their innovations with plethora of new devices. And now...

Posted: 06-12-2012 5:24 PM by Suraj kc | with no comments

Future of Microsoft: Windows 8
With windows 8, microsft is taking a big risk by creating a single OS that runs across all devices. Windows 8 is generating a lot of buzz among tech enthusiasts. Tech pundits are debating whether windows 8 will be a flop or a big hit. It is the biggest...

Posted: 06-11-2012 4:23 PM by Suraj kc | with no comments