What if your Facebook is hacked ?

I am here discussing what if someone has taken over your account. This necessarily does not have to be getting hacked in more traditional sense. Your friend just could get access to your password via saved password on chrome or knew somehow.

And may be you could apply these tricks if you get access to someone’s account.  Just kidding :D

Getting access to one’s account is more complex then it seems. After all, there are quite many ways to recover the account if you cannot get access to your account. And the real owner of the account can get back the access in no time.

But if one applies these tricks, then your account could be nearly unrecoverable at any cost.

The account is easily recoverable by using the email address registered on Facebook. So, if I got access to your account, I would change the email and remove other secondary emails you registered.

And I would delete the registered mobile number, and change username and of course the real name.  

Facebook asks to identify your account via Name, Username, Mobile or email. And by modifying these, it will make a little difficult for you in the recovery process.

Facebook also associates a security question. And do not care about it. There is no way that anyone could know or change your security question, except for guessing. But via security question, Facebook will wait for 24 hours to verify your account.  And if I have access to the primary email registered on Facebook, it is just no use.

Facebook is going in favor of Trusted Contacts over Security Question. To make use of this feature you would have to pick 3-5 of your friends as trusted contacts so you could later get help from them to recover the account.

But if you have not selected your trusted contacts, it will let you get help from three random friends. The algorithm is pretty tricky that you do not get to choose the friends with something common.  That is in user’s favor.

So, if I had taken over your account, I would add three new accounts as friends and set them as trusted contacts and hence blocking your access to the account.
In case, you already picked your trusted contact, the only thing I could do is to first guess who you might have picked. For this, I would have to Facebook account recovery page and guess just one of the contacts and others will be revealed itself if I am correct. And unfriend your trusted contacts would do the job leaving you in confusion.

Remember that picking the Trusted contacts disables the Security Question feature.

Facebook lets you recover the account via letting you identify tagged photos of your friends or signing in from last recorded browser.

So I would just sign into your Facebook via multiple and different versions of browsers from different PCs blocking you from access your account via your PC.
And this feature mostly works if you are able to make it to use the recovery process shortly after your account info was changed.

You could you facebook Hacked Accounts page:


The page will ask you to enter your information that can verify you are the real owner of the account. But this is not automatic and handled by people at Facebook., thus making it clumsy and I doubt people at Facebook take a look at your request.

The only thing you could do is to request everyone to report the account and hope Facebook listens and create a new account.







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Facebook Privacy Algorithm

Facebook helps to connect with friends and families. But it has always been a backdoor to one’s privacy and can be merely used to gather information about someone.

Of course there are number of privacy settings. However, they are not just efficient in serving the purpose.

Furthermore, Graph Search is the worst thing ever happened to Facebook. The idea of social search if pretty darn good. But it clearly exploits people’s privacy by showing their updates and photos on the new search experience.

Sure, the photos have to be shared as public. But no one ever knew that the photos would be searchable just by name and place keywords. It never came to mind that my public posts would be made searchable someday.

The very features have translated Facebook into stalking/spying platform.
And the irony is most people are just ignorant or just don’t care. All they do care is to get crazy likes and comments on their updates.

Here is a graph showing, how secure it is to share on Facebook:

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Paybill Brand Ambassador | a beautiful start


I had an exciting year as a Microsoft Student Partner. You can read about my experiences of being an MSP here.

Being a Microsoft Student Partner

And yet again it is pretty good to be selected as a Paybill Brand Ambassador and hope for another productive and fun year. I really do have to thank Bibek Shrestha for believing in me and inviting for the program.

To learn more about Paybill, you can visit:


I have always been passionate about learning insights of new technologies. I believe technology should do the hard work and make people lives easier.

As a Paybill Brand Ambassador, it provides me opportunities to bring mobile ecommerce technologies forward and share with the students’ community.

On 15th July, we had induction program for being the Paybill Brand Ambassadors. It was a pleasing experience in the event. It was really good to see MSP friends joining there. It was like we are sure going to have fun.

Anyways, it was good time meeting the Paybill team and new friends from around 15 colleges. And I really do hope to become good friends with them.

I was too kind of new to the Paybill and technology powering its service. So, presentations form Sajeeb sir and Mohit sir were quite helpful. I enjoyed learing the technology side of Paybill service from Rabin sir. And lunch after the event was fun as well. I must say it was a productive and fun event and pretty excited for the next meeting.

As a technology student, I have always wanted to see the IT revolution in Nepal. And being a PBA helps me to be a part of the change in ecommerce and online payment here in Nepal.

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Journey as a Microsoft Student Partner

I have previously shared about the benefits/responsibilities as an MSP in my blog:

Being a Microsoft Student Partner

Here, I would like to share personal experiences of being an MSP. And I do have to thank my friends and everyone who appreciated and helped in any way to make this year beautiful and exciting.

It all starts with a college event on Microsoft Technology by MSPs 2012. I got to attend Allen sir’s presentation and I really do have to thank Allen sir for inspiring us to excel our career in Microsoft platform. That’s where I first learn about an MSP.

I had no idea what it was like to be an MSP, yet I wanted to be, by heart and soul.
So, I did apply. I had immense enthusiasm to learn about new technology and explore new tools, applications and services. Yet, I was not sure, if I would be selected.

My friend Anish Maharjan told be Blogging really counts in the selection process. So, why not blog huhh….

But the problem was, what the heck was “Blogging”?

I did follow blogs on Building Windows 8 by Steven Sinofsky, Head of Windows 8 development team and Winsupersite by Paul Thurrot.

I tried to write my on blogs, mainly on Windows 8. That’s where I see the future of innovation.
It was quite good to know to get selected.

There are of course, bitter experiences playing with technology. Windows 8 was really fascinating so I installed the beta version of Windows aka Release Preview on my friends’ laptops. And their motherboard, sound drivers and network system crashed. okay, I was in trouble. But I do have to thank for the incidence that encouraged me to Windows ecosystem and Microsoft platform, I wonder why ? I do have to thank Tika Raj Neupane, TJ Ojha and Sudip Karki for letting me try their machines for beta product.

Anyway, it is good to know the final version is stable and has no problem.

I do believe, technology should do all the hard work and make people lives better and happier. And I think primary aim of an MSP should be to help people understand the technology and encourage them to implement in their lives. It has always been pretty exciting to share what you know and learn beautiful things from your friends and the community. And I believe learning and sharing what you learn is pretty amazing.

To share about experiences of college events, I do have to thank my friends for providing all the support.  I would like to thank Alpana Rai, Subash Karki, Tika Raj Neupane, Tej Ojha, Manish Kunwar, Rajan Gautam , Dip Roca, Archana Joshi & Hashna Dhaubadel.

And it feel pretty good to be able to be providing students community access to Windows 8 and help them learn and get started to the new Windows.

The finest moment in the MSP program for me, is Blogging Workshop by MSPs.

I requested Allen sir to provide this training to students’ community in my college. Instead he asked me to conduct with the help of other MSPs. And I do have to thank him for providing this opportunity.

I sought for support in the MSP group. It was kind of nervous, exciting and confusing moment on how you are going to do it. Reply form Sagar Pokhrel, Sazza Karki and Anita Maharjan was quite pleasing. And it was pretty awesome that Ranjana Dangol, Samundra Paudel, Aashish Budathoki, David Acharya and Sheela Bogati joined for the program. I am actually running out of words to thank them for being very friendly and providing so much support.

I would also like to thank Dipendra sir for giving him valuable time helping us prepare for the event. And a very special thanks to Rashmi Manandhar as well.


I was quite good to be presenting in next training on blogging by Anil Bhaila for the members of Unique Open Crew. It was quite a good time to be presenting with Rimola Maharjan along with fellow MSPs.

I believe college and community events are best part of MSP program because this is where you get to meet new people and make friends.

Training have always been charms of the MSP program. And especially I guess, we had a pretty good time in the training of digital photography, time management and digital citizenship. We got to learn working in group and innovating new ideas and translating them into actions in quite a short time. That is quite a fun. I guess we will be missing that the most.

Preparing a video on a day in the life of an MSP for Rushmi Bhuju, was quite a fun. There, I got to be friends with Rushmi Bhuju, Sonam Chhedon, Sophina Luitel, Success Maharjan and Ashish Budhathoki. And that feels pretty great.

MSP Summit at Dhulikhel with technical presentations, a truly inspiring speech by Dr. Tshering Lama and group projects were quite a fun. And dance part at midnight, how can I miss that? I did miss someone important at the summit.

Being an MSP, I did get chance to dive into insights of new technologies. It is quite fun remembering streaming Windows 8 launch event at New York with Aashish Shrestha. It feels great to learn many things form Chandan Gupta, Shaksham Baral, Nabin Paudel, Suman Ghimire, Bibek Shrestha and Saurav Bajracharya. And I would also like to give a special thanks to Shreejan Manandhar and Aashish Shrestha for helping me prepare for the MCSD certifications.

It is time for enrollment of new MSPs, and it is quite good to see the same excitement and passion for the technology. That reminds me, MSP program is for a year and I think our time is upto June 30. MSP year has been pretty exciting with surprises and pleasant experiences. And I do believe this is not the end. I would like to call it a beautiful start.

We will make a <big> DIFFERENCE </big>

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My Journey with Graphic Designing

The best thing I have come to love about Computer Science is graphic designing. For me, it is not just an application. It is more like a passion and interest. Before internet, Photoshop was my best friend. Now, I kind of miss spending time with editing photos and passion to learn new techniques in Photoshop. Nevertheless, when I get a little upset, spending time with Photoshop makes me quite happy forget the real world and get lost in new world of manipulations.

I guess, it all started when I was in class 7. I came to see my computer teacher changing background of a Mona Lisa image and keeping his image aside her. And I sharply remember that was on Photoshop version 6.0. This was the coolest thing I had ever seen on a computer and that moment really inspired me to learn Photoshop.

The problem was, I had no idea how to get started with. I was not even good at Microsoft Paint or Word or anything computer related. Anyways, I used to spend hours on Photoshop with the tools, often with frustrations what the heck are they. However, I was determined to learn no matter how many times I failed.

I was one of the kids who spent most of my childhood in Cyber playing Neo Geo and Need For Speed. There was a girl at the cyber who used to work on Photoshop creating greeting cards. I just used to sit beside her and stare on the screen. That was kind of weird, but who cared. :D

There were quite a few Photoshop Tutorial DVDs in cyber. So, started spending my tiffin money on buying the DVDs. And a DVD would cost Rs 80 then. That was kind of silly of me. However, the tutorials were of advanced level and it was very difficult for me to catch up. Anyways, that was my only way I could be doing some Photoshop edits. So, I spent quite a few weeks with the tutorials. And finally I was able to do some basic level editing. That was the best moment for me. And I was quite happy even thou I was not good at it.

Anyways, after that, all my hours were dedicated to Photoshop.

Photoshop is not just about editing photos, creating effects and manipulations. It means a lot to me. It is about creating a new world that I have always dreamt off: to be with someone you cannot be and make photos of people look beautiful who are special to you.

Tinker Bell Art


Creating a beautiful artwork is never an easy job. With Photoshop, you never know, what it is going to be like at the end. Probability of messing up with photo is always greater that making it look beautiful. It takes hours to create an artwork, but it is just a del key away to erase that if you do not like it.

There are few things I always look for inspiration to create an artwork:

- You have to fall in love with the photo. It is kind of like love at first sight relationship with the photo that you are going to work on.

- If you are working on an image of someone who is close/special to you, it will turn out to be really beautiful.

- No matter how many times you fail, you probably do not like to give up.

- Photoshop is all about imagination. So, just think what your photo is going to look like rather than how you are going to make it possible.

- With Photoshop, it is difficult, but never impossible.

- Just forget about rest of the world and work with all passion on the photo.

- Do not apply every effect and tool that you know. That will just make it worse. Rather, make it simple and let your photo have a story in it.

Anyways, the best part of about Photoshop for me is staring at the photo for quite a long time and zooming into every pixels. And no matter how the final effect turns out, it is especial, if you have worked on the image by all your heart. And getting good complements from people and friends is always pleasing.

I would like to share a story about one of my creations. And for me, it is my best artwork.

I have always been interested in digital portrait paintings in Photoshop. That basically means starting from scratch all the way to a beautiful and realistic portrait at the end. Sometimes, a base image makes work a lot easier.

This is the image that I worked as a project while I was taking course for Photoshop in Eclipse Animation Academy. It took almost 7 complete days to finish the image. I had no idea on how I was going to make it. I just knew I wanted to do it by ally my heart. So very second while working on the image, making mistakes and starting all over again was super exiting. Anyways, I was quite happy that I was able to do it. And this one is featured in quite a popular groups onDeviantart. That’s really exciting.

A beautiful girl – Digital Portrait


But again I have not been good at creating digital portrait. I quite often spend 2-3 days trying to create a painting and the image never ends of looking beautiful. And sometimes, you do not get good complements even though you have worked really hard. May be I am missing my passion. Anyways, I hope someday I will get what I am looking for.

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Being a Microsoft Student Partner

This year as an MSP has been pretty exciting with surprises and new experiences. I think it has completely changed my life and redefined who I am. I am getting everything that I had ever dreamt of – new friends, playing with new technologies, learning new things etc.

 If you are a so much into technology being an MSP gives a platform to explore the insights of new technologies, meet like-minded people and opportunity to share and learn with IT community. And you can be a on your campus with the knowledge on latest technologies.

I am really glad to be part of MSP 2013, to be meeting new people and interacting with fellow MSPs and contributing to make in difference in the students' community. 

 The most exciting thing about being an MSP is you get to explore and learn new solutions and technologies. And here in MIC, we got chance to play with Windows 8, before it was globally launched. And to be using Office 2013, Lync, Hyper V and other Microsoft solutions is quite a fun. As an MSP, we are provided MSDN subscription that gives us access to all the resources, products and developer support from Microsoft. MSP program has been helpful in building and igniting career path with Microsoft Certifications. And it is feels pretty awesome to be a Microsoft Certified Professional. MSPs also do get opportunity to get to build relations with Microsoft Valuable Professionals who are best in their own fields. And we can join the online community of MSPs and Microsoft experts and discover and learn new things.

We are provided with trainings from Microsoft leaders to enhance our knowledge on cutting edge technologies. And the best part is we can take the trainings to students’ community and share what we have learnt.


We have organised different college events with support from MIC Nepal. These include:

Web Road Show: This event was jointly organized by MIC Nepal and Brain Digit with the MSPs to teach students about SageFrame as CMS.

Windows 8 Utshav: It was quite a fun to showcase students’ community Microsoft’s new and bold OS. There were presentations on new features in Windows 8 from the MIC team.

Tech Explosion: The Tech Explosion is about bringing best brands together: Microsoft and Dell (by geNext). This event featured Hyper V virtualization in Windows and new Dell technologies.


Windows 8 App Dev Camp: This is of course the best program run by MSPs in their colleges. MSPs, from Prime, Pulchowk, KEC, St. Xaviers and Everest ran these trainings and provided students with tools and knowledge on building Windows Store apps.

Blogging Workshop: We took this training to the students’ community and introduced them to blogs and helped them create their own blogs.

Digital Literacy: Digital Literacy is run by MIC that helps elderly people learn basic level computing. And MSP from St. Xavier shared this event with her community in Patan. Similarly, MSP from Bernhardt College took this training to Dang and educated the community.





 Being MSP is not just all about technology. It is something more and I guess that is the best part why we are here. It is about meeting new people who you can be best friends with. We sure had a great time during the MSP SUmmIT at Dhulikhel. Meetings and events are always pleasing to attend.

MSPs in action

A day in life of an MSP, Rushmi Bhuju ( Nagarjuna College)



And here are interviews of MSP from Nepal (via technetnepal):


Shraya Joshi

Suraj KC

Julia Aryal

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Windows Blue: Everything You Need To Know

Windows Blue aka Windows 8.1 is the next release of Windows 8.



Windows 8 was launched in Oct 26, 2012 with the re-imagined UI embracing touch for tablets and touch devices with mouse and keyboard support as well. And Microsoft is supposed to be preparing new updates code-named “Blue” that could be announced for public beta sometime around June 26 at Build Conference.

Windows Blue ie 8.1 could be a feature/service pack and might be provided free to users pushed via Windows Update.

However, the unofficial version is already available on the internet. This release shows some of the improvements and updates coming in next release of Windows.

I am glad to be using Windows Blue (on Hyper V in Windows 8 Pro). And if you want to try, I recommend you to run in virtually and not to install on your hard disk as it is an early beta release ie. it can be unstable, cause problems and incompatible with drivers.

Windows Blue add improvements and adds new personalization options in Windows 8 “metro” environment. Microsoft is phasing out desktop in favor of new touch friendly UI, shows Windows Blue.

Here are some of the new features in Windows Blue:

New Personalization options

Now, the personalization for start screen pops in right side making it more user friendly and adds infinite color choices for foreground/background. But, no new start screen pattern is added.

Also, it enables Windows Phone 8 style new tile size. Desktop tile is unique and you can make it extra-large and other app tiles support smaller size. Arranging tiles and renaming groups is efficient.

Snap two apps on 50/50 screen

This is probably the best feature I am excited about. In Windows 8, you can snap an app only on 1/3rd of the screen. But the new snap feature makes more sense and enables easier multitasking.
Windows 8 requires minimum of 1366 * 768 px to use snap. However, Windows Blue lets you snap two apps side by side in 1024 * 768 px.

New Windows 8 default apps

Movie Maker aka Movie Moments, Sound Recorder and Calculator are going Windows 8 style in Windows Blue. They have beautiful design but for now they are broken and I guess coding is not completed as it is just in early beta.

New PC Settings

Windows Blue adds some of the settings from Control Panel to PC Settings make it easier for touch users. And now Search feature is also integrated in PC Settings. However, it is not working for now.

Skydrive Integration

In addition to Skydrive app for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 could have skydrive integration in the PC by default. There is Skydrive tool in PC Settings ( but under construction for now)

Share from Desktop

If you wanted to share something from Desktop in Windows 8, you would be greeted with weird message, “Nothing can be shared from Desktop”. Windows Blue lets you use share charm to share screenshot of desktop or use Skydrive ( I have no idea what skydrive shares from desktop, as it is broken for now).

Internet Explorer 11

Windows Blue has RTM edition of IE 11 which is just like IE10 but adds more HTML 5 capabilities, loads sites faster and SPDY, WebGL support in the Internet Explorer.

However, the default apps like People, Photos, Music etc. are not updated and Desktop part is all same as Windows 8.

And the worst thing is you cannot access Windows Store. You need some kind of confidential Microsoft ID to use the Windows Store.

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Facebook: Making or Breaking Friends ?


Facebook helps to connect with your friends and families. And now it is actually a prominent part of one’s life. People are taking every aspects of their life online and share on Facebook with their friends.

And Facebook has kind of redefined the meaning of friendship. Everything between the friends is moving online and the way people make, and engage with their friends is changing. 

So, is Facebook is just a bad or is it just the fundamental shift in the way we communicate and engage with our friends.  Is it only a media of spending time online and is being good friends on Facebook really means that you are friends on real life too ? And how can Facebook impact you in making or breaking up with friends.


I asked some some of my friends on this topic and I am really thankful for their valuable opinions:


Manisha Thapa

I have got lots of new friends and some of them are really valued to my life. In addition, it has become my best time pass ie. chatting things in Facebook. So I think twitter is for making friends to me.




Archana Joshi

Facebook plays a vital role in breaking as wellas making friends but more of then it breaks friendship. :D

Let me give some examples:

Whenever I am talking or chatting with my close friend, if s/he doesnot reply, I become angry and I stop talking to her.

In the same way, some friends’ status as well as comments hurt us.



Subash Karki

Facebook could be a great place for making new friends. We can connect with friend’s friend from Facebook too. When a bot sees a sees friend suggestion of a girl in his profile and he is unknown to her, but the boy will surely reach her in Facebook with her name.

It also has a bad aspect. When a friend sees other online but do not talk, friendship could be broken. So Facebook could be good to make friends and could break-up relation of friends too.



Tika Raj Neupane

Facebook closes distances between the friends. It makes people comfortable to people who are new to them. But, some people also like to make boyfriend/girlfriend on Facebook and that could break relations.





Pradeep Thapa

Facebook is a place for making new friends & enjoying with them. It is somehow good for being in contact with friends & family. But as a coin has two sides, Facebook also has bad impact. It is good for using in good way. But it also makes the impact of a person bad in same way.




Ashok Dangol

The way of making new friends is possible due to Facebook. We can get photos & information of new friends in single click from Facebook.




Suraj kc

As for me, I think it depends on your perception. If you show positive attitude and be true to your friends, you can be good friends online as well as in real life. 


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Microsoft re-imagining Windows in favor of touch


Windows 8 was designed with touch first user experience. Microsoft is focusing on “re-imagining windows” That means, it is making transition from its all-time popular desktop to metro environment for the next generation of touch devices.

Windows 8 presents you with dual environment ie desktop and modern UI. Sometimes, it can be jarring to switch between two interfaces. Windows 8 Build shows it will try to hold you in the modern UI. You will probably get more things done by the new interface.

Microsoft is also porting its desktop apps to the modern UI in favor of touch devices. You can see Paint, Onenote and Windows games in the new Windows Store. Probably, we could see more apps for new UI by Windows Blue including Office.

Users in favor of desktop could get a little disappointed. But I think it is time to change your mind to adapt to the new scenario and embrace the “metro” environment.



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My Wish List For Windows Blue



Speech Recognition

It is kind of silly to talk to your device every time.  But it is fun and interesting feauture, after all it is 2013. There has been Voice recognition in Windows since Vista, but it never got improved.  Xbox and Windows Phone 8 too have pretty decent speech recognition features. So, it is important for Microsoft to allow users to interact with their devices just by speaking to make Windows Blue appealing. And I believe Microsoft can develop a better voice assistant than Siri or S Voice.


Online gallery for start screen designs

Windows 8 gives limited ie only 20 background designs. That’s just limited and kind of boring over time who want to make their start screen look alive and fresh. There is also an application called Décor8 by Stardock to select your custom image as startscreen background.

Early build of Windows Blue shows improved customized options for Start Screen. But why not create an online portal like Themes Gallery where designers can submit start screen backgrounds and users can get them online.


 Improved Multitasking

Snap feature in Windows 8 is an interesting concept but most apps in the Store do not go well with this feature. Running two apps on 50/50 screen could be coming on Windows Blue according to the latest build. So, half and one/third snap feature definitely has to make it to the Windows Blue.


More quality apps in the Store

Windows 8 is a beautiful OS and limited apps in the Store make it unappealing to iOS and Android. Okay, there are 60,000 + apps, however, featured apps like Facebook, Tweetdeck, Youtube, Spotify, PhotoSynth, Photoshop etc are missing from Store. Therefore, Microsoft really has to convince developers to port the popular apps to the Windows platform.


 Redesigned Windows Store

 Windows 8 embraces clean and chrome-less design. That is kind of beautiful and usable. But the Windows 8 Store is too simpler and kind of dull. It is static and the contents rarely change, may be it is due it limited apps. Windows Store needs a redesigned UI to let users see more dynamic contents, discover new and exciting apps. Furthermore, the semantic zoom should work like that of Start screen enabling see all apps. Automatic Updating of apps could be a welcome feature.


 Grouping of related apps

 Whenever I see start screen of my friends, it is like messy with all the desktop apps shortcuts. Installing desktop apps leave all kinds of shortcuts related to the app in the Start Screen. Previously, there were arranged neatly on the Start Menu in the folder structure.

And Windows Blue too needs to enable grouping apps of same products like grouping Word, Powerpoint, Excel and One note shortcut to Office tile.


 IE 11 for Windows 8

IE 10 for Windows 8 is all full screen and chrome-less design but that is kind of unusable to desktop users to have to work to many tabs open at once. Swiping with touch on tablets is fun but playing with IE 10 via Mouse is kind of clumsy. So, I wish to see a little improvement for desktop users on IE 11.


Surface Mini and Windows Blue for small sized tablets


Windows 8 defined Windows on every devices from high end PCs on intel architecture to laptops and tablets based on low powered arm chips. I think it kind of missed mini tablet market. Google, Apple and Amazon are already in the market with Nexus, iPad Mini and Kindle fire. So, Microsoft do have to optimize Windows 8 for small screens and extend Surface range to mini tablets before it is too late.


Improved built in apps


Microsoft is expected to update almost every built in apps like People, Mail and Music, possibly before Windows Blue.  And I am looking forward to huge improvements rather than minor updates.


No more restarts for updating Windows

One of the most frustrating feature in Windows has been updating/configuring Windows Update requires system restart.  That is somewhat fine for critical updates. But the minor updates and even if you installing Hyper V, it requires restart to complete the installation. That definitely has to go away with Windows Blue.












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MSP program, one of the best programs for Microsoft: Cliff Reeves

It was really great opportunity to have Mr Cliff Reeves as guest of honor at the inauguration session of Tech Mela.  And I was really glad to hear him talk about MSPs and commitment of Microsoft to Nepal.

According to him, MSP Program is the one of the best programs for Microsoft. He thanked MSPs for giving their support to the Microsoft technologies. He shared a good experience of interacting with a talented group of students during the MSP meeting.

Mr. Reeves talked about the skills required for students to shine in the competitive job market. He focused that in addition to academic studies, students do need to learn the technical skills and business experience. And getting certified with Microsoft certifications can help students learn the technical skills that companies are looking for.

Microsoft also helps students convert their idea into a business model/company via Bizspark program. The corp. can help students to start their own company by providing all the softwares, cloud platform and all Microsoft resources for free of cost.  He explained this could bring more number of students access to the technology and they can become good customers for Microsoft in the future. 








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Wowzapp Hackathon @ Tech Mela 2013


There was two days session on Hackathon at Tech Mela 2013. Participants had to code Windows 8 app within two days and showcase the demo at end of the second day. And it was interesting to see new and brilliant ideas developed into a beautiful app just in two days.  Here are details about the apps developed in the Wowzapp Hackathon:

App Name: Nepali Guide

Developer: Ranjana Dangol

This apps is beautifully designed and targets tourists as well as Nepali people who like to learn about different aspects of Nepal. It helps to discover new places, learn about Nepali culture and suggests you travel destinations, hotel reservations and shopping malls here in Nepal. It also includes language translator to help tourists communicate with Nepalese.

I believe this app is going to help people globally to explore Nepal from their windows 8 devices and can become best travel app for Nepal in the Windows Store.


App Name: Guitar Tuner

Developer: Ashish Budhathoki

Guitar Tuner features user friendly UI.  The app lets you tune guitar in standard tuning.  You can enjoy this app in Windows 8 design with a single button for different strings or play all strings easily.

There are impressive guitar tuning apps on android and iOS platform but good ones are missing from Windows Store. And I believe this app bridges this gap and will get maximum downloads in the Windows Store.

Ashish also shared it was a fun experience and had good time interacting with new developer friends.



App Name: Learn Varna

Developer: Anu Maharjan & Pooja Baisyal

Learn Varna is for those who wants to start learning Nepali. It can teach anyone how to read, write the simple 36 letters of Nepali language.

Anu and Pooja shared they had a good experience, however, everything was done and fixed at the last moment.


App name: Mango Paint

Developers: Bikesh Mahato & Tika Datt Pahadi

This app is quite unique and impressive one. It lets users create lines, circles or draw random drawings and turn their imaginations into a beautiful painting. And handwriting recognition is interesting feature in this app.

Bikesh told that his experience in the hackathon was nice and app development with his mate Tika was quite fun. He said he was having a good time handling logical coding part with his friend designing the UI.  


 I hope the apps will be there available for download in the Windows Store soon and best wishes to the developers.






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Community Chautari @ Tech Mela

Day 1:

Community Chautary is a session for sharing about tech stuffs. Microsoft Student Partners presented on different aspects of technology to the student community on Friday at Tech Mela. And Narisha sis was coordinating the program.

I was really glad to be presenting on blogging. The audience was really enthusiastic and interactive. The main points from my presentation were:

-          blogging is just like a web page where you write stuff on ongoing basis

-          blog is first tool for easy content creation on the web

-          blogs help in collaborative learning, sharing information, develop online relations with readers, share similar interests with people and make money

-          blogging on technetnepal

-          creating a blog and blogging in good manner

Ranjana Dangol gave presentation on courses and certifications provided by Microsoft for Students to broaden their ideas and technical skills. She focused that today’s job market is extremely competitive and it is kind of difficult to fight for the jobs with just a college degree. So, Microsoft certifications can help you shine. There are different certifications like MTA on Networking, software development, Security Fundamentals etc, and MCSD on HTML 5 etc to get certified with Microsoft. And MIC is also conducting Windows 8 Dev Camp, Web camps, Office apps dev camp and other events to provide students with cutting edge technologies to develop apps and solutions for the global community.

Ashish Budhathoki showed recording and creating tracks on Songsmith. Songsmith is a beautiful software that generates music to play well with the singer’s voice. His session was quite interactive and musical. So it was lots of fun.

And Ashim Adhikari gave inspirational presentation on Social Activism. I really liked the question: are we kathhar nepali or brave gorkhali ?

He inspired the student community to be an activist and reminded about our moral duties and rights to the nation.




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Tech Mela 2013


Microsoft Innovation Centre Nepal is conducting Tech Mela at Administrative Staff College on March 22 and March 23. The event highlights the latest and cutting edge technologies from Microsoft to students’ community.

The attractions of Tech Mela are:

-       Inauguration by Mr Cliff Reeves, GM for Microsoft Innovation Centres along with renowned figures of Nepal

-       Tech briefing sessions on different products and technologies

-       Showcase students projects from various colleges

-       Discussion of the state, academia and industry to help students align with the requirements of the industry

-       Certification campaigns to help students get certified with Microsoft certifications

And there were 7 major guest presenters in the inauguration session who are renowned figures in their fields:

1.     Cliff Reeves

2.     Ram kantha Makaju Shrestha

3.     Mukesh Regmi

4.     Surendra Paneru

5.     Sanjay Golchha

6.     Anand Khanal

7.     Allen Bailochan Tuladhar


Other sessions at the Tech Mela include:

Wowzap Hackathon on Windows 8 Apps

ASP. net community session

Community Chautari

Here are snapshots from the main conference







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Is it a good idea to buy an antivirus ?

Nowadays, there has been a growing trend of purchasing an antivirus solution here in Nepal. And what's interesting is users who never purchase any kind of software including windows are actually paying for the antivirus subscription. So, is it worth paying for the antivirus solutions ?

There has been a culture that if you own a computer/laptop, you would probably want a premium Antivirus. And retailers do sell premium antivirus subscriptions by threatening that their computer or data could be at great risk if they are not paying for antivirus. Kaspersky including Eset, Quick Heal, Bit defender and F secure are easily available for purchase in Nepali market. There was also good presence of different antivirus vendors at CAN Info Tech.

Before installing/paying for an antivirus, better think if you really need one.

If you are not connected to the internet, it is a no brainer that you do not have to purchase an antivirus. The common means of transferring infected code is via internet or a USB device. If you just a little careful, you can avoid getting a virus.

Avoid auto run of USB devices. That's how most virus install itself in the host machine.

Virus mostly behave as system protected/read only and hidden file. So, you could use command prompt in Windows to check/delete a virus from the removable devices.

I am not a fan of installing an antivirus. It requires frequent virus signature updates via internet to be able to heal the infected system. I believe an antivirus actually hacks into the computer process, monitoring your data every second, auto starting and also making it unable to kill its process or disable auto start-up.

Most people would likely suggest if you are connected to internet, you will have to get an antivirus.  But I think that is not the case 

A computer virus is platform specific ie a scam infecting Facebook can not get on your PC or a virus designed to infect Windows can not harm your mobile device. It gets into a computer system breaking through weak points of an operating system. Updating the OS patches security vulnerabilities making it impossible for a virus to break into the system. Upgrading from XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8 patches security holes in the system code. Creating a Windows recovery media can also help if you run into problem caused by malwares.  And Windows provides different security features that prevents infected program to get into the system.


And browser itself protects extra security layer making it difficult for a virus to download to your system. So, updating browser to latest version helps enhancing security patches.


You just have to be little careful about browsing within the secured and known sites, avoid clicking unknown links, looking for verified torrents before downloading etc.

So, I just want to focus that if you are careful about your browsing behavior and embracing security protocols within Windows, it is unlike to get a virus. 

Anyways, if you want an antivirus, free edition of Avast/AVG/MSE can be best alternative to paid antivirus subscription from Kaspersky or other antivirus products that is likely to expire in 1 year.  And I believe they are no less than the premium editions for home/basic users.

People do pay for antivirus because unlike other softwares, antivirus solutions are difficult to crack as it frequently connects to internet to check for invalid signature. However, a couple of torrent search could get to working pirated/cracked copy of the antivirus.

Therefore, it is actually not a good idea to pay for an antivirus.



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