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Remote Media Streaming

With Remote Media Streaming in Windows 7 you get to enjoy the music, videos, and pictures on your home PC while you’re away. Forget about copying all your media from your home PC to your laptop: Remote Media Streaming taps into your complete Windows Media Player 12 library over the Internet.

Easy to set up

To use Remote Media Streaming, both computers must be running Windows 7. Windows Media Player walks you through the steps to turn it on (you'll need to associate both computers with an online ID, such as a Windows Live e‑mail address). Then when you connect through the Internet, the Player will display and play the media libraries on your home PC the same way it does when you're connected directly to your home network.

More ways to enjoy your media

Remote Media Streaming is just one of the ways Windows 7 helps you enjoy your media library even if you're not in front of the PC. If you have a homegroup, it’s easy to share TV, movies, and other medias and files among the PCs running Windows 7 in your house. With an Xbox 360, you can also send the recorded TV, videos, and photos on your PC to your television. And you can stream to your stereo or TV using Play To (additional hardware might be required).

“Remote Media Streaming is available only in the Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise editions of Windows 7.”

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