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Forgot your windows password?? ..not a big deal

Forgetting your windows password is really frustrating. You try and try but then.. nothing comes up, while you get stuck in the welcome screen!!

Good thing is, its not that big a problem. Here are some simple things you can try in such case:

  1. When you are at the logon screen click CTRL+ALT+DEL.
  2. Under the username put the word "Administrator" and put nothing under password. Most likely this will work, since there is a secret administrators account in every computer. If by any chance this does not work follow following steps:
  3. Reboot the computer into Safe Mode.
  4. When logging into Safe Mode you should be prompted with an option to what account you wish to use. Select the Administrator account. If prompted for a password try pressing Enter on the keyboard for no password.
  5. Once you've logged into the Administrator account open Control Panel and User Accounts.
  6. In User Accounts select the account you wish to change the password for, click change password and then enter the new password or click remove the password to remove the password from the account.

Posted: 01-15-2012 8:07 PM by Mandira Adhikari with 1 comment(s)


# re: Forgot your windows password?? ..not a big deal @Saturday, February 4, 2012 2:52 PM

this is only in Windows XP Mandira . Isn't it?

Tek Raj Guragain