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Ergonomic practices while using keyboard


    How you use the keyboard is up to you. But by taking the time to adjust a few settings and to follow the following simple guidelines, typing on it can become easier, faster, and even safer. It is essential to use good ergonomic practices to help prevent or reduce soreness or injury to your wrists, hands, and arms. It is particularly important if you’re in front of your computer for long periods.

    Here are some ergonomic tips for a safer, more comfortable computer session:

   - Position your keyboard at elbow level, with your upper arms relaxed at your sides.

  - Center your keyboard in front of you. If it has a numeric keypad, use the Spacebar as the centering point.

   - While typing, use a light touch and keep your wrists straight.

   - When you're not typing, relax your arms and hands.

   - Take a short break every 15 to 20 minutes.

   - Type with your hands and wrists floating above the keyboard, so that you can use your whole arm to reach for distant keys instead of stretching your fingers.

   - Avoid resting your palms or wrists on any surface while typing. If your keyboard has a palm rest, use it only during breaks from typing.


Source: microsoft | at home

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