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"How can youTH make you successful?"


The very first thing that pops up on my mind about successful is having desire and determination.

Talking about youth, they are the young people who are unique in their own way who strive to bring a change to the world. The people who will most probably try not to ignore to solve difficulties or strategies thrown at them if they believe they have the courage to face them.

On the journey of life we meet a lot of new people, some maybe similar to us whereas some maybe the tomatoes we can’t resist picking out of our burger. The youTH program conducted on 22nd june 2018 by respected sir Mr.Allen Bailochan Tuladhar of MIC team made a good impact on my vision towards the training session that  lets us interact with new people,new environment and also learn to socialize.

Youth Program conducted by the team sharing about the purpose of the program which includes  volunteering and promoting digital awareness in the community. With the skill enhancement training for young people like us for our personal and professional growth so that the youths could think out of the box and contribute to community. Even if the session was only 7 hours long, I definitely had a good insight about the team youth.

Once we are trained , we always try to seek for more knowledge which is worth of sharing and learning methods of teaching other is always a plus point in life. We learned that positive, supportive and authentic relationships are the building blocks to anything and everything we want to achieve and  also preparing ourself mentally for any upcoming task .Similarly being creative and trying something new than other mates which will surely be appreciated.

Having people who shares their struggles in life and making us realize not to give up no matter how many times we fail and all the positive environment is way better than the hours of classes. Youth program made it easier to share feedbacks , ideas with certain team in related field.

One important lesson this program made us realize is our hard work counts not the winner. Just like Sonika mam shared her journey from MIC to space research at Korea leads to have a feeling to follow our dreams. Accepting failure as a part of journey will be a temporary stage but learning from failure stays permanent. Enjoying the moment of what you are doing right now sounds better than being distracted by something you are not very fond of.

Seeing the members of youth dedicated to themselves with their purpose and engaging the audience in a team work was worth the long hours of training session. People with sense of purpose and determination are focused ,  committed and lit up from inside also not getting distracted from unfruitful activities. Learning to relate with people having new ideas, different perception and build mutually is a plus point which I have learned from youth.

Posted: 06-29-2018 3:21 PM by Manisha Shrestha