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EMFound Day

Everyone gathered together for the EMFound Day on December 29, 2016 to keep the memories of the beautiful Ellaine alive. It’s been 10 years since the darkest day, when Ellaine left us and left us totally sober. To keep this memory eternal, the EMFound Day happened with the hope of creating bigger impacts with our small acts.


The program was inaugurated by the respected Allen sir, with his good words for his late daughter Ellaine. He began with the poem written by Ellaine during her last hours in the hospital. He said that as he had put the fire on her pyre he had promised that he would devote the rest of my life to the empowerment of the youths of the country” which eventually gave birth to the EMFound. Elliane Memorial Foundation is a sister organization of Unlimited Technology Pvt. Ltd which is registered as ‘Not-for-Profit’ company under the Company Act 2006, Section 5 – Sub-Section (1) and a registered member of Social Welfare Council of Nepal. He then gave some briefing about the EMFound scholarship program for the needy girls as he was very well known to the fact that the ratio of the girls pursuing their higher studies after passing SLC was very low. In addition, to the scholarship program, EMFound has been organizing different appathons and hackathons for the benefits of students.


Ms. Sonika Manandhar talked about the history of EMFound in organizing different appathons & ideathons where 300+ youths participated and their bootcamps (pre-events) in which, more than 500 students were participated.


After that dance was performed by some of the Microsoft Student Partners 2017 Dipesh, Suja, Shikha, Rujeena and Aditi whose theme was depression.


After Dance Performance, Mr. Pradeep Kandel gave a brief session about the golden 1000 days, CodeCamp and other solutions developed by the innovative minds of today’s youth with a motto to bring change in society. Golden 1000 days was an initiative brought by EMFound in association with the UNICEF to use technology in improving the women and child health, where the students brought their ideas into a product during the code camp.


Ms. Nayana Shakya talked about entrepreneurship in motivating the youths to develop their own solutions and ventures, with her pre-accelerator program supported by Microsoft ventures, invention cycle and the lean startup machine where the students are encouraged, not just to stay within their limits but to go out of the building to validate their ideas and analyze the real scenario.


Then Ms. Suchitra Maharjan talked about the TechCamp Nepal, supported by the US Embassy Nepal which is an initiative to empower girls in the field of technology. Here, the girls are getting training with different bootcamps where they are learning skills which they’d be using during the real event, happening on March 2-4,2017.This event is exclusively for girls; ‘TechGirls’ with the motto: “Equal, if not better!”.


Ms. Junu Thapa talked about Edunetnepal, an another initiative of MIC Nepal and EM Found, which has been working to provide digital education by distributing computers to schools and providing digital literacy training to the teachers. She gave an example of a school situated in a remote area, Burtibang of Baglung district where the school administration worked hard and got a sophisticated computer lab ready within just three days even during the shortage of resources.


And After that there was one more performance by the band “The MIC” on the song “aadha raatma”. The band members started their journey from the MSP 2016 during their summit, which was the reason behind their name and they’ve also been awarded the best band of the month in Capital FM 92.

A short discussion for the “Standardization of Nepal Bhasa” took place for a while and Allen sir officially ended the session with a motivational video.clip_image017

Posted: 01-15-2017 6:58 PM by Suvasini