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MIC Nepal Support to Miss-Tech 2016 Competition

As a Nepal Community initiative support extended to technical communities in Nepal, MIC Nepal supported Miss-Tech 2016 competition last month with venue refreshments and kind prizes. The event was organized by Robotics Association of Nepal. Miss-Tech 2016 “Sparkle with Water” event held on December 9 was organized to try to make girls to be able to develop a program (software) (an interactive game) using real-life problems of what women are deprived of presenting it in a simple way to motivate themselves and the society, challenging them to think deeply and enabling them to work collaboratively.


The whole event was divided into two categories:

1. Splash

2. Aquathon



Scratch is a free visual programming language developed to help simplify the process of creating and programming animations, games, music, interactive stories and more. It is easy to learn and we can build programs for a computer immediately. Girls who were under 18 developed the pc games on Scratch.

More than 80 participants were given series of workshop divided into 3 series workshop as the opportunity to work with others, rather than on their own, can help an individual develop their interpersonal skills such as speaking and listening as well as team working skills such as leadership.


On the day of Dec 5 and 6, 2016, a hackathon was conducted at Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal, were there were 16 participants, where they were also asked their group names and after the team formation of 4 they then entered to the app development process on MIT app inventor and developed hardware using arduino based on water management theme. There were 4 mentors and the whole Miss-Tech team to guide them to build the prototype. On the final day, they were able to create the prototype. Several interesting projects were developed which were presented at the day of final event.

Winner for the Aquathon are as follows:


1) Bhawana Subedi

2) Susmita Ojha

3) Asmita Gaire

4) Bishika Subedi


1) Shreeya Karmacharya

2) Anshu Kiran Sharma

3) Sandhaya Guragain


Winner for the Splash are as follows:

Team Trinity:

1) Iru Niraula

2) Anjali Neupane

Team M & S:

1) Shreeya Shrestha

2) Riya Shahi

Posted: 01-15-2017 9:53 PM by Suvasini