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Lab Donation Program in Dhading

On 16th March 2017, a team, Allen Tuladhar, Mike Chisholm and Ravindra Sah, from EdunetNepal and Khitiz Raj Prasai from United Mission to Nepal left Kathmandu at 9 a.m. At 12 p.m., the team reached Janajagriti School which is on the way to Dhading Besi.


The team spent a couple of hours inaugurating the computer lab, giving motivational speeches and interacting with the school committee.


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The next day, late morning, the team reached Nilkantha Higher Secondary School. A huge celebration was prepared at the school and delegates like Chief District Officer (C.D.O), Superintendent of Police (S.P) and people from different political parties were present there. The computer lab was inaugurated by the CDO and Mike Chisholm. A small discussion was arranged after the inauguration and approaches to make a better computer lab were discussed. Then, the team left Dhading Besi and went to Malekhu as the next day two schools were closer to Malekhu.


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On 18th March, in the early morning, the team left Malekhu for the next schools’ inauguration. After an hour drive, the team reached Gajuri Pinda Higher Secondary School and participated in a small formal inauguration program. The computer lab was inaugurated by Mike Chisholm. The students used the computer and a group picture was taken. Then, the team left for Dol Bhanjyang Higher Secondary School. There was an informal welcome program organized by the school. After the inauguration, Mike Chisholm, Allen Tuladhar, and School Management Committee’s Chairperson gave an inspiring speech.


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