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Microsoft Professional Program – Data Science

Recognizing a shortage of qualified individuals to fill the growing need for specific job roles, Microsoft Professional Program is a new way to learn the skills and get the hands-on experience these roles require. After passing all courses in the curriculum and completing a final project, individuals earn a digitally sharable, résumé-worthy credential that confirms mastery of these functional and technical skills. MIC Nepal will be supporting students for this course under Microsoft Professional Program.


The program initially focuses on data science and is currently open for enrollment, with courses available at edX. Curriculum and courses for additional tracks are in-development. Data science is currently one of the hottest areas in technology and the need for data scientists is only expected to grow. To succeed in one of these new jobs, you’ll need real-world knowledge as well as hands-on experience. The curriculum for the data science track of the Microsoft Professional Program is delivered by experts in the theory and practice of data science from Microsoft and beyond and is designed to deliver the skills employers are looking for.

Posted: 04-03-2017 9:47 PM by Suvasini