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Microsoft Professional Program Successfully Concluded

Start Date: April 1, 2017
End Date: July 31, 2017
Country: Nepal

Data Scientist is consider as sexiest job of 21st century and the demand of Data Scientist is growing day by day. Data Scientist is one of the most demanding professions with more job offering than candidates. Considering this fact, Microsoft Professional Program was conducted in Nepal for 33 Participants from April to July in Data Science.
On March, MIC Nepal opened free registration for all the participants who has strong will and interest in the field of Data Science. More than 300 applicants had applied, out of which 113 applicants were called for an interview. After going thru an interview, 30 participants were selected on the basis of enthusiasm, team work, aptitude and attitude. All the 30 participants were from the different background and MIC Nepal brought all of them together to achieve common goal of being a Data Scientist.

About Courses:

The program required 9 courses to complete and a final project. The course is hosted on . For each courses, a time duration was proposed so that all the participants would complete it. On April 2, 2017, all the participants were brought together for the orientation where MPP Lead Aakesh Kunwar gave presentation on how the Microsoft Professional Program will be carrying out. The account of all the participants were created in MPP site ( and linked with Edx site ( and how to use the provided coupon was also discussed with a demonstration. A group discussion was planned once in a week on the feasible time to discuss the solution of the problem that the participants were going thru. Every week all the participants come together and discuss the solution of the problem. The motto of peer-to-peer discussion was not only discussing on the course content but also on other knowledges and approaches of Data Science.
There was options for the participants to choose in the courses like either Analyze and Visualize data with Excel or Analyze and Visualize data with Power BI, either Introduction to Python or Introduction to R etc. Before starting the courses that has options for participants to choose, a discussion and research on both course content was conducted so that participants would know basic content of the course and choose according to their interest.
There were choice for participants in following courses and they have chosen the following:

For the course 9, all the participants chose Implementing Predictive Analytics with Spark in Azure HDInsight.
Each course costs between $48 to $99 for the verified certificate. With the completion of all the 10 courses, each participants got 10 coupons which as a sum worth more than $800 per participants.

About Discussion Session:

The Discussion session was conducted once in a week to discuss the solution of the problem of the participation. The session was led by Aakesh Kunwar. Every week the participants face certain difficulties in each course. They marked their problem and discuss and find a solution together in this session.

The discussion session was conducted in following dates and the following number of participants were present in the session.

Final Project:

In the final project a data “Student Repayment Loan” was provided and participants were asked to analyze it and make a report. All the participants successfully analyzed the provided data and submitted a Report. The Report was analyzed by other Data Science participants from another country and graded and all of our participants were successfully passed in this test.



After 3 month of continuous hard work, out of 30 participants and 3 developers, all 30 participants and 2 developer has successfully completed Microsoft Professional Program in Nepal and entitled with the Microsoft Professional Program Certificate.



Microsoft Professional Program is the stepping stone in the participant’s life to achieve their dream. The program is not about what you can give but what you can get. The skills that you get during this 3 month program is more than what one can learn in a year. This is a lifetime achievement. On the behalf of all the participants, I would like to thanks for this golden opportunity and I hope that we will get more programs like this in future to conduct.
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Posted: 08-10-2017 5:27 PM by Suvasini