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Enhancing the Digital Skills of Educators of Syangja District

The eight weeks long training was successfully completed from 2017/04/02 to 2017/08/13 at Syangja district where 195 educators from 12 schools actively participated.
Figure 1: Suitcase full of laptop is being taken to a school for the training by a potter in Syanga

Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal (MIC Nepal) hosted by Unlimited Technology Pvt Ltd has successfully conducted digital literacy training for the all the educators from 12 different community schools from Syanga district in partnership with Rotary Club of the Himalayan Gurkhas. The training was 6 days long and organized for 8 weeks. MIC Nepal has an infrastructure of forty tablet laptops, Microsoft Surface devices in a suitcase which is dragged from village to village in rural Nepal to provide digital literacy training to educators of community schools and community workers preferred female groups. This digital literacy training has been organizing in different rural areas by MIC Nepal since past 10 years. The device is allowed to be carried home by the participants to practice at night and early mornings before they use it in class for the entire day. MIC Nepal charges zero cost for the training.

Figure 2: Inauguration of the training at Shrawan Secondary School by Mr Andy Morrison from Rotary Club International Sector-1040 UK

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The trainings were kicked off by the present President Mr. Krishna Adhakari of ROTARY CLUB OF "THE HIMALAYAN GURKHAS". At the end, the training was concluded with distribution of certificate of attendance to the educators.
The main objective of organizing these trainings is to ensure that educators gets basic skills and knowledge of computer education which later turns to be the turning point for them to use ICT tools in the classroom. After getting the basic knwledge, they have a thirst to learn more about digital world which helps them to develop new skills and find out more social and economic opportunities for themselves, their families, their communities and more to their teaching and learning practices. It is found out that after getting the basic training that covers understaning the computer, Office Productivity tools, email and internet, computer security in these 6 days boot camps, they have always come back to us asking for more trainings on the use of ICT tools in education.  
Schools participated in the training from Syanga

  1. Shree Shrawan High School, Bangsing
  2. Shree Maidan High School, Bange Fadke
  3. Shree Jana Priya High School, Bangsing
  4. Shree Rastriya High School
  5. Shree Saraswati High School, Naudanda
  6. Shree Pradhumna Paneru, High School, Seti Dovan
  7. Shree Bhagawati High School, Faparthum
  8. Shree Sharada Mandir High School, Faparthum
  9. Shree Andha Andhi High School,
  10. Shree Sepat Siran Chaur High school, Bangsing
  11. Shree Gurukul, Chilaune Baas
  12. Shree Jana Pradip High school, Chilaune Baas

Posted: 10-10-2017 6:59 PM by Suvasini