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Experiencing through the experience of Dr. Nabin Khanal: Katha Ra Byatha

With an aim of sharing experience and knowledge of innovator to the startup and students Katha Ra Byatha was conducted.
“Katha Ra Byatha” on 22nd August 2017 at Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal premises organized by MIC Unlimited Ventures. The journey of an innovator from the Gaushala Bazar to Microsoft changing the world was shared by Dr. Nabin Khanal, Director of Program Management, Cloud Management.
The session started with introduction followed by Dr. Nabin Khanal. During the session, he shared experience and story of his life which was so inspiring and motivating. The theme of Nabin Khanal was "Never give up on your dream just because it takes time to achieve, time will pass anyway!!”
At the end, Dr Nabin was enthusiastically appreciated for his positive take in life and making people realize the importance of appreciating what we have and what we don’t. The participants were keen to ask question and to get constructive suggestion to implement in their life. The session finally ended with sharing token of appreciation to Dr. Nabin khanal by Mr.  Allen Bailochan Tuladhar, Microsoft Regional Director.

Posted: 10-10-2017 7:03 PM by Suvasini