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MIC Nepal Support to Miss-Tech 2016 Competition

As a Nepal Community initiative support extended to technical communities in Nepal, MIC Nepal supported Miss-Tech 2016 competition last month with venue refreshments and kind prizes. The event was organized by Robotics Association of Nepal. Miss-Tech 2016 “Sparkle with Water” event held on December 9 was organized to try to make girls to be able to develop a program (software) (an interactive game) using real-life problems of what women are deprived of presenting it in a simple way to motivate themselves and the society, challenging them to think deeply and enabling them to work collaboratively.


The whole event was divided into two categories:

1. Splash

2. Aquathon



Scratch is a free visual programming language developed to help simplify the process of creating and programming animations, games, music, interactive stories and more. It is easy to learn and we can build programs for a computer immediately. Girls who were under 18 developed the pc games on Scratch.

More than 80 participants were given series of workshop divided into 3 series workshop as the opportunity to work with others, rather than on their own, can help an individual develop their interpersonal skills such as speaking and listening as well as team working skills such as leadership.


On the day of Dec 5 and 6, 2016, a hackathon was conducted at Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal, were there were 16 participants, where they were also asked their group names and after the team formation of 4 they then entered to the app development process on MIT app inventor and developed hardware using arduino based on water management theme. There were 4 mentors and the whole Miss-Tech team to guide them to build the prototype. On the final day, they were able to create the prototype. Several interesting projects were developed which were presented at the day of final event.

Winner for the Aquathon are as follows:


1) Bhawana Subedi

2) Susmita Ojha

3) Asmita Gaire

4) Bishika Subedi


1) Shreeya Karmacharya

2) Anshu Kiran Sharma

3) Sandhaya Guragain


Winner for the Splash are as follows:

Team Trinity:

1) Iru Niraula

2) Anjali Neupane

Team M & S:

1) Shreeya Shrestha

2) Riya Shahi

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EMFound Day

Everyone gathered together for the EMFound Day on December 29, 2016 to keep the memories of the beautiful Ellaine alive. It’s been 10 years since the darkest day, when Ellaine left us and left us totally sober. To keep this memory eternal, the EMFound Day happened with the hope of creating bigger impacts with our small acts.


The program was inaugurated by the respected Allen sir, with his good words for his late daughter Ellaine. He began with the poem written by Ellaine during her last hours in the hospital. He said that as he had put the fire on her pyre he had promised that he would devote the rest of my life to the empowerment of the youths of the country” which eventually gave birth to the EMFound. Elliane Memorial Foundation is a sister organization of Unlimited Technology Pvt. Ltd which is registered as ‘Not-for-Profit’ company under the Company Act 2006, Section 5 – Sub-Section (1) and a registered member of Social Welfare Council of Nepal. He then gave some briefing about the EMFound scholarship program for the needy girls as he was very well known to the fact that the ratio of the girls pursuing their higher studies after passing SLC was very low. In addition, to the scholarship program, EMFound has been organizing different appathons and hackathons for the benefits of students.


Ms. Sonika Manandhar talked about the history of EMFound in organizing different appathons & ideathons where 300+ youths participated and their bootcamps (pre-events) in which, more than 500 students were participated.


After that dance was performed by some of the Microsoft Student Partners 2017 Dipesh, Suja, Shikha, Rujeena and Aditi whose theme was depression.


After Dance Performance, Mr. Pradeep Kandel gave a brief session about the golden 1000 days, CodeCamp and other solutions developed by the innovative minds of today’s youth with a motto to bring change in society. Golden 1000 days was an initiative brought by EMFound in association with the UNICEF to use technology in improving the women and child health, where the students brought their ideas into a product during the code camp.


Ms. Nayana Shakya talked about entrepreneurship in motivating the youths to develop their own solutions and ventures, with her pre-accelerator program supported by Microsoft ventures, invention cycle and the lean startup machine where the students are encouraged, not just to stay within their limits but to go out of the building to validate their ideas and analyze the real scenario.


Then Ms. Suchitra Maharjan talked about the TechCamp Nepal, supported by the US Embassy Nepal which is an initiative to empower girls in the field of technology. Here, the girls are getting training with different bootcamps where they are learning skills which they’d be using during the real event, happening on March 2-4,2017.This event is exclusively for girls; ‘TechGirls’ with the motto: “Equal, if not better!”.


Ms. Junu Thapa talked about Edunetnepal, an another initiative of MIC Nepal and EM Found, which has been working to provide digital education by distributing computers to schools and providing digital literacy training to the teachers. She gave an example of a school situated in a remote area, Burtibang of Baglung district where the school administration worked hard and got a sophisticated computer lab ready within just three days even during the shortage of resources.


And After that there was one more performance by the band “The MIC” on the song “aadha raatma”. The band members started their journey from the MSP 2016 during their summit, which was the reason behind their name and they’ve also been awarded the best band of the month in Capital FM 92.

A short discussion for the “Standardization of Nepal Bhasa” took place for a while and Allen sir officially ended the session with a motivational video.clip_image017

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Youths Contributes to deliver C4D Tech Solutions at CodeCamp

Ellaine Memorial Foundation (hereinafter referred as- EMFound) together with UNICEF in Nepal, Nutrition and Food Security Nepal, National Planning Commission, European Union and Ministry of Health (NHEICC), Government of Nepal organized Golden 1000 Days CodeCamp 2016 where 120 young software designers, developers, strategists, IT Professionals and project managers gathered and worked in an unnerving, challenging and fast paced event to develop many innovation solutions in the theme based on how to engage youths in prenatal and postnatal process.

The residential, 4 days and 3 nights long event was held on Nov 15-18, 2016 at Dhulikhel Lodge Resort, Dhulikhel.

Golden 1000 days is a campaign introduced by UNICEF in order to create the change in livelihoods of a pregnant mother and to reduce mortality rate. The Golden 1000 Days initiative seeks to increase awareness about the importance of the first 1000 days in a child's life, ultimately reducing the maternal and child mortality through improved health and nutritional status of adolescents, pregnant and lactating women as well as young children. In order to apply, applicants were challenged to post their technology solution idea at Out of total of 219 applications received, 75 candidates where selected based on the viability of the ideas submitted and the skillsets they possesed to implement them and represent at CodeCamp to be able to draft various solutions to develop tech solutions for Golden 1000 Days campaign that would eventually be placed at NHEICC located at Teku in Kathmandu under Ministry of Heath, Government of Nepal.


Figure: The banner shows all the partnering organizations- UNICEF Nepal, EMFound, Nutrition and Food Security Nepal, European Union & National Planning Commission, NHEICC, MoH, Government of Nepal.

DAY I at CodeCamp

A survey showed that participants at CodeCamp covered diverse geographic locations by their hometowns. More than 25 participants alone came in from Kathmandu valley while there were few others coming in from districts like- Saptari, Dhankuta and Syangja.


Figure 2: Some statistics of all the selected participants at CodeCamp.

Diversity in terms of academic level and academic programs was seen at CodeCamp.

The welcoming session started at about 10.45 by Mr. Allen Bailochan Tuladhar, Executive Chairperson of EMFound. Mr. Allen who is also the Country Director at Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal welcomed everyone thanking co-organizers for all the coordination and co-operations in the past to be able to successfully reach this level.


Figure: Participants receiving tika as they walk inside the program hall for the welcome and keynote sessions.

clip_image005clip_image007In his speech, Mr. Allen focused on why we convened for the CodeCamp. "Victory is in our veins" was the mantra where he mentioned that over 400 thousand mothers will be benefiting from the solutions that will be developed during and after the CodeCamp. He said, “What we develop for next 90 hours is directly going to benefit our next generation. The solution would be housed at a datacenter at NHEICC, Ministry of Health. “CodeCamp is not going to be like previous Appathon, there will be no winner rather, victory is in our veins, where each team will be victory. The actual solution lands on different forms like Web, App, SMS and IVR.“ said Mr. Tuladhar. He further added- “The solution made by youths, will be owned by Nepal Government.”


Figure: Key speakers and guests from partnering organizations on stage in the keynote session of Golden 1000 Days CodeCamp in Dhulikhel Lodge Resort, Dhulikhel.

clip_image009clip_image011Next, Mr. Badri Bahadur Khadka, Director of NHEICC, Ministry of Health, Government of Nepal was invited to present his thoughts. He said that, code for him was nothing more than some numbers but today attending this program he knew that code is an important factor which will certainly change people’s life. He wished for the best outcomes coming out from the event. He truly wanted to bring a change in mother and children’s life in Nepal. He said that, Ministry of Health, Government of Nepal is really proud to be associated with CodeCamp and are excited to see the kinds of solution the participants will build within these 90 hours. He ended up thanking each and every person in the organizing team of the event.

clip_image013clip_image014Then, Mr. Rudrajit Das, Chief, Communication for Development from UNICEF Nepal, delivered a speech, thanking NHEICC, EMFound for a great initiative and partnership for CodeCamp. He was overwhelmed to be the part of this great event, and also mentioned that he is looking forward to co-ordinate in the upcoming days. UNICEF Nepal believes in Innovation. There are innovation funds, innovation centers that work with youths, including NGOs to bring an effective change to benefit women and children across the world. He believes that innovation should not be self-oriented, it should be for the betterment of humanity. When we are initiating something that brings up a good effect, facing trouble is good that helps us to challenge for bringing up something new.


“We have to do something different that takes a lot of guts, a lot of efforts. Entrepreneurs do what they fear. Transformation only happens when we do something that we fear.” said, Mr. Das. The whole speech from Mr. Das was very inspirational for the youths. He motivated and inspired all the participants of the event and they seemed to be very motivated after hearing him.

Mr. Kunj Prashad Joshi, Health Administrative Officer from NHEICC presented an opening slide about the main objective behind running Golden 1000 days campaign. Mr. Kunj gave presentation on the Health and Nutrition Status of Nepal. He briefly described about the four phases of child development from the conception to pregnancy period to the first thousand days of the child.


Figure: Mr. Kunj Prasad Joshi, Health Administrative Officer, NHEICC, Department of Health, Government of Nepal presenting on Golden 1000 Days Campaign and current health and nutrition status of the mothers and children in Nepal.

The next speaker was Ms. Bonita Sharma, Winner of HML3 Youth Innovation Challenge who gave presentation on her journey in the challenge and the major problems faced in the country in child's and mother's health. In the competition, the solution her team came up to educate mothers, was a unique, multicolored bracelet called Nutribeads made up of 22 beads, each bead representing necessary nutrients for child growth.

clip_image017clip_image019Next, Mr. Binoy Dil Lama, Communication for development from UNICEF Nepal gave brief framework on the first 1000 days of a child. He suggested to build solutions considering the health ecosystem of the country. He also shared that digitalization in health sector around the world is already in progress. Mr. Binoy mentioned that the main motivation of the campaign was to communicate important messages and issues around mothers who don't have access to good health services. About 91% of the total population have access to mobile phones thus phones reach out to large number of population. He suggested that the participants should create solutions that can work on mobile phones and thus reach out many mothers. Mr. Lama briefly discussed about the four period of a child i.e from the pregnancy to the first 1000 days.

clip_image020clip_image022Later on, as one of the distinguished guests- Mr. Mike Chisholm of Technology Alleviating Poverty (TAP) from New Zealand spoke about his experiences on working and volunteering in different campaigns in Nepal. Mr. Mike shared that there is no border for development these days due to technology and internet. Overall, the speech and the presentations given during the session was of great help to the participants and further boosted youths’ knowledge on the 1000 golden days of a child. The session was informative and inspirational. Mike & the team plans to donate 1000+ computer labs in partnership with MIC Nepal in the days ahead.

All the participants were divided into various team to work on their modules. List of 17 teams with their solutions can be found here:

Total of 10 teams were finally shortlisted to stay for the day IV at CodeCamp.

Later, the teams were divided into 3 different groups- ASP.NET group, WordPress group and Mobile App group. The solutions that were developed during these four days was planned to be refined further by developers’ team at MIC and would be integrated into the final product.


Figure: Mid-night coding in progress. Many teams were seen still coding for their solutions until 2:30am in the morning in the main program hall.

Link to CodeCamp Blog roll by volunteers:

The organizing team would like to thank all of the individuals, partnering organizations and governments of Nepal who supported the planning, organization and delivery of the event directly or indirectly to make the event successful and also to be able to achieve expected outcome from the event. Thank you!


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Interview Skills Training

Date: 2nd October 2016

Venue: Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal

Time: 3 pm to 5 pm

Instructor: Bharat Sunam

In today’s employment world, it is more important than ever to have strong interviewing skills. The most common reason for this is that college graduation rates are increasing and you will be leaving school with more competition. If you fail at your interview or fail to make a good impression it could cost you an opportunity. It’s never too early to develop your interviewing skills.MIC Nepal believes in preparing the youth with not just with technical know-hows’ but also with the soft skills required in the real world. Thus with this motive, MIC Nepal organized the very first workshop on Interview Skills Training for Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) 2017 batch with the help of Bharat Sunam. Bharat Sunam has 6 years + experience in HR and in academics .He has corporate experience with renowned companies like Shapoorji Pallonji (TATA Group) Mumbai, Mirah Group Mumbai ,Richmond Group in Singapore and academic experience with Islington college (British Degree) Nepal .In addition to this, he is professional trainer providing trainings on interview skills, Soft skills, career planning ,team building ,corporate etiquettes ,communication skills ,presentation skills ,selling skills ,soft skills and stress management .He holds a Bachelor’s degree in management from Mumbai university and Post graduate degree in general management from Singapore .Currently he is associated with ISMT college as Academic Manager and management lecturer.


Here are the basic steps or the things that Mr Bharat Sunam instructed to follow and the way by which People can be successful interviewee while finding a job:

1. How to hunt a job?

· Newspaper

· Social media

· Contact/friends

· College

· Attend event

2. Making great resume

While making a great resume, people should include these things:

· People should firstly include your proper basic information

· Academic credentials

· Past achievement

· Area of interest (like hobbies that may suit to your job requirements)

· Professional course

· Working experience

· Professional photos

· Professional expertise

3. Resume should avoid following things:

· Too lengthy resume

· Grades if not so great

· Irrelevant working experience

· Too much of personal stuff

· Blatant lies

· Inconsistent format

· A casual Email ID

· Short term employment

4. Preparation of interview:

· Firstly, research on company’s profile

· Research on job profile

· Link your strength to company’s goal

· Prepare responses

· Update yourself with current affairs

· Your strength and weakness

· Recent news on company

· Prepare a checklist of documents to be carried out at the interview

· Conduct mock interview sessions.

5. Power dressing:

· Neat and conservative hair cut

· Solid color conservative suit

· Long sleeved shirt

· Neatly trimmed nails

For women:

· Formal skirt/suit (preferably dark color)

· Suitable makeup

· Avoid strong perfumes

· Small to medium sized purse

· Post earrings (not large sized)

6. Body language:

· Make great entrance

· Pleasant smile

· Make eye contact

· Show your good side

· Firm shake hand

· A walk towards the interview cabin

· Monitor posture and gesture

· The art of departing

Things not to do:

· Don’t slouch

· Don’t touch your face

· Don’t be impatience

· Crossed arms

· Excessive nodding

· Fidgeting

· Mismatched expressions

7. Interview attributes:

· Confidence

· Attitude

· Skill set

· Experience

· Communication skill

· Team skills

· Costumer service

· Adaptability

· Initiatives

8. Anxiety management:

First. Forget whether you find job or not and think about how do you fit to the job

Anxiety symptoms:

· Perspire

· Leg shaking

· Butterflies in stomach

· Goosebumps

How to overcome:

· Conservation not a performance

· Deep breath

· Be in present moment

· Pause yourself

9. At the interview:

· Reach before time

· Greet the receptionist and ask for the contact person

· Have good listening

· Start with your introductory part

· Don’t make derogatory remarks about current company/bosses/collegues

· Politely asked if any information required

· Provide examples if required

· Focus on your strength and link how it will benefit the company

10. Negotiation skills:

· Self analysis

· Practicality at the industry

· Market rate with same skill and qualification

· Let potential employer propose you first

· Provide salary range

· Avoid desperate situation

· Don’t accept job too quickly

· Prepare yourself with your minimum salary expectations

· Don’t sound greedy

· Use positive language

· Listen carefully

· Clarify issues

· Come to a common term which is agreed mutually

11. Follow up and discussion:

· Analyze the interview

· What did you learn?

· What is the impression of the company?

· Sum up the key points

· Put across a thank you email addressing the HR/or the concern person

· Ask for the next step

12. Job offer:

· Read the offer letter carefully

· Understand the company policies

· Clarify if any doubt

· Understand the salary structure and deductions from the same

· Make note of reporting manager, office hours and key responsibilities

· Write a formal thank you and your acceptance email with your date of joining.

MIC Nepal is really thankful to Bharat Sunam for giving his time to make sure that our Microsoft Student Partners get a skill set while facing interview.

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MIC Nepal holds Educators’ Meeting

Last month in September 9, 2016, Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) Nepal organized Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal Innovation Cell (MICNIC) Administrators’ meeting at its own venue in Khichapokhari, Kathmandu.

The purpose of the meeting was to update and inform college administration of the MICNIC FY17 Network about MIC Nepal’s currently rolled academic programs and initiatives. During the meeting, MIC Nepal also shared its high level annual plans on a quarterly basis. Educators from 21 academic institutions joined the meeting. Mr. Allen Bailochan Tuladhar, Country Director at MIC Nepal welcomed all the participating educators where he highlighted about MIC Nepal’s mission to achieve academic excellence tech intervention.


Some of the topics that were discussed in the meeting were:

· Office 365 for Edu

· MOS Championship

· Hololens Preview Events & DevCamp Events


· EMFound scholarship

· IT/ Dev Internship

· Golden 1000 Days: Appathon

· SeedStars for Startups

· Nepal Community for IT Professionals & Developers

· Educators Summit for MICNICs

· Mentor Nepal Program

During the meeting, Geek Dating session was run where all the educators were divided into small groups who were required to move from Desk to desk listening and understanding and querying to program leads about various MIC initiatives on the display at each desk.


Before closing the meeting, MICNIC plaques were handed over to academic institutions for as a recognition to academic partnership for excellence.

Link to the pictures from the meeting can be found here:

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The MIC band and Song

The MIC is a pop acoustic band formed by the Microsoft Student Patners 2016 from Nepal. This band was formed in the mid 2016 when the students came together to bring out music for the Talent show at Microsoft Student Summit 2016.


The band originally consisted of Swopnil Shakya as vocalist and guitarist, Saurav Shrestha as vocalist and guitarist, Rishitosh Ghatani as drummer, and Anjal Amatya as bassist. The band brought song medleys and composed the MSP song. The band was initially named M16. After this venture, the bond between the band members grew strong and the band continued its journey. On May 2016, the band was presented with an opportunity to showcase their talent in the TV show Nepali ideas by Nepal Nirman which was hosted by Himalaya Television and supported by MIC Nepal as a content partner. By this time, the band had named itself 14068263_168777286888631_8113993589048488723_nThe MIC in the honor of Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal that provided this band with opportunities. The band also added a new member Abhishek Poudel as Flutist. During this period, the band came up with 6 different self-composed songs that aired on the episodes of the TV show at Himalaya TV. The performances on the TV show was much appreciated and the band went on to bring out a music single. The song was titled "Prakash" which is published on Youtube The video team for this project included MSP friends namely, Akshaya Manandhar, Milan Khanal, Arohi Sharma and Ojash Shrestha. Other friends also helped the band during this project. This music video was supported tremendously by the audience due to its heart-touching and soothing nature. The premier screening of this music video was done at MIC Nepal.

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My Journey- EdunetNepal Lab Donation Program to Doti

My patience level ended in second day as the roads were endless and never willing to reach my destination. I was travelling in bus for more than a day. It took 29 hours to reach to Silgadi, headquarter of Doti in total. These beautiful places I visited were only known to me when i used to fill in map of Nepal in my school year. I never thought of coming across these places ever in my life. Thanks to MIC Nepal which made my dream come true to visit those places and explore the mother nature.


I never thought of becoming a teacher in my life, but MIC gave me a chance as a tutor as well as trainer for teaching all the seniors/ staffs in the school. Their gratitude towards us made me feel good about my work while training and guiding them.


The hospitality I gained was pretty awesome which I will never be getting at Kathmandu. People are very welcoming. Not only the juniors but the seniors also gave us so much respect and good hospitality.


For about ten days, we survived without electricity as it was a remote area and underdeveloped. It was difficult to see those people living their life depending on candles and lanterns which they use as a source of light. But the schools were so much facilitated that they use huge area of solar power in order to use computer facilities.

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Reconstruction Information Management System

One of the biggest sorrow of Nepal is the attack of massive earthquake that happened in May 12, 2015 12:50 pm local time. The destruction created by the hit of 7.8 Richter scale earthquake and was followed by several high jolts. About 8000+ individual lost their lives and 2.5 lakhs houses are affected by the massive quake. The earthquake caused extensive damage to buildings and monuments that were listed in UN World heritage site. Along with the social counseling and other reliefs that is happening for the victims and the removal of the devastated houses, reconstructing the houses are necessary.

Being an Innovation Center of Microsoft of Nepal, MIC Nepal aims to create application that fosters innovation to solve real world problems. We believe that technology can solve world’s toughest problems and in this case the problem is transparent collection of data, monitoring progress and real-time reporting. We believe that every step taken in reconstruction of disaster struck structures can be reported monitored through a mobile application.


- Collect real-time data in digital from the field

- Make sure that the collected data is compliant to the rule and regulations that are enforced

- Generate reports and business intelligence on the fly

- Transparency for the work and to track every dollar spent in this project

- Make the whole process of reconstruction efficient with real time data collection and processing


- General and Previous: Collect socio-economic and old structure details

- Reconstruction Drawing Details: Input the details of the new structure being built

- Facilitation Service: Capture details on advisory services and progress report of beneficiary

- Feedback: Provide subjective feedback given by the beneficiary

- Assessed forms: View or edit the information of the forms filled

- Certify Progress Reports: Authenticate the reported progress or disbursement of installment




Mobile App Screenshots

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Creating Impact thru technology at Sports Council

On Aug 07, 2016 a week long boot camp on computer skills has been given to the members of Sports Council. Since past 9 years, Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal has been providing this type of training to the housewives, community volunteers, teachers and youths of remote area of Nepal.


Access to technical skills and knowledge has been mandate to everyone. Lack of adequate resources for gaining the skill and knowledge is the main issues to many Nepalese citizens. In context of Nepalese scenario where literacy rate is low and use of digital media is not satisfactory, as more and more members of Nepalese families are going abroad for various reasons, the requirements to use technology to stay connected for work, play and communications is getting more and more.


This training was provided to the Gurus (senior instructors) and other members related to Nepalese sports community. Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal supported with the Surface Tablets as hardware and Instructor for the training. The content focuses on latest operating system as Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Publisher, One Note, Email and use of Internet, digital convergence etc. It is 7 hours per day training that is conducted for a week continuously.

At the end, the training ended with certificate distribution ceremony.


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Hololens Preview in Nepal

Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal (MIC Nepal) organized HoloLens Preview in various MICNIC Colleges of Nepal in the month of July and August 2016.MIC Nepal brought Microsoft HoloLens first one in the country, moreovclip_image002er first one in any MICs in the world. HoloLens embraces virtual reality and augmented reality to create a new reality—mixed reality. Virtual reality immerses you in a simulated world. Augmented reality overlays digital information on top of your real world. By understanding your environment, mixed reality enables holograms to look and sound like they’re part of your world.

MIC Nepal hopes to provide a holographic platform to the young Nepalese Students to innovate with HoloLens and bring innovative development around the mixed reality.

Microsoft Student Partners from various colleges in Nepal assisted MIC Nepal in organizing the events successfully.

HoloLens Preview had been set to execute for period of 3 months timed to have greatest impact in the academic community of Nepal by being close in proximity to provide a holographic platform to the young Nepalese students to innovate with HoloLens and bring innovative development around the mixed reality.

The 3 hours long events primarily focused in providing each and every students to experience HoloLens.



Table below shows the no of event that MIC Nepal has covered for Hololens Preview campaign:




MIC Nepal Office


MICNIC Colleges of Chitwan


Madan Bhandari Memorial College


Kathmandu Bernhardt College


Sagarmatha Engineering College




Trinity International College

15,18 Aug

Western Regional Campus


Lagrandee International College


Pokhara Engineering College


Gandaki College of Engineering and Science




Nepalaya College


Hololens Preview at Swastik College


Hololens Preview at Chelsea International College


St Lawrence College


Advance College of Engineering and Management




MIC Nepal Preview


Kathford International College

Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal is heartily thankful to all the participating students, faculty members of various colleges and Microsoft Student Partners who directly or indirectly supported Hololens Preview.If you want to bring this event to your college,kindly send an email at


All the photos of this campaign can be viewed at:

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MSP Spring Board 2016

MSP Spring Board 2016 was held on August 12-13 2016, Friday, Saturday at MIC Nepal. The Spring Board 2016 was especially focused to the Microsoft Student Partners of MICNIC colleges of Nepal. MIC Nepal has been working with 65 colleges which is known as MICNIC colleges from which 130 Microsoft Student Partners attended the MSP Spring Board. The attendees were also from different cities of Nepal. There were altogether 13 MICNIC colleges outside valley in which Microsoft Student Partners of outside Kathmandu valley also attended the event.


The objective of this event was to ensure the enhancement and exchange the knowledge about Soft Skills that MIC Nepal has been providing to MSPS in the past years. The team building effort for exchanging knowledge, communication skills and team work is must in a student and especially in MSPs who are the brand ambassador for the respective colleges.

Mr Allen Bailochan Tuladhar Country Director of Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal kicked off the session with National Anthem and Keynote on Day one. After that, various topics on soft skills like Photography, Videography, Blogging and Presentation were given by Mr Alok Tuladhar,Aman Pratap Adhikary,Prashant Manandhar and Nairisha Shrestha. There was panel discussion on Career in IT by MSP Alumni who are currently working in MIC Nepal.




The second day started with review of MSP Spring Board day one .MIC Nepal had former MSPs as a panelists where they told about their success stories and how they strived to achieve success.


Then, Allen Tuladhar gave presentation on goal settings. He told MSPS to think about SMART

Goals. After that, the MIC Band which was formed by former MSPs took the session to Next Level on Spring Board and they also released the official music video”Prakash” .

Bibek Chaudhary and Ravi Mandal introduced office 365 and Microsoft Azure to MSPs.College Principals from different MICNIC Colleges of Kathmandu attended the event as a panelists and also discuss a lot in how to eradicate the gap between industry and Academy.


All the photographs can be obtained from the following link.

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DFID: Digital Day

The use of digital technologies is growing every day. The rapid expansion of mobile phones and internet access in poor countries offers unique opportunities to stimulate growth, enhance people’s experience of services and as citizens, cut fraud, help them hold governments and other institutions to account and support them better in humanitarian emergencies. Over the last several years, the development community has embraced the digital way of doing business to ensure that the poorest and most marginalized people in developing countries benefit from its increased usage. While digital technologies have been found to add value to development interventions, significant barriers exist to their success, scale up and replication.

At Department For International Development, recognized the value of using digital elements in their plans and programs. As a result, they were committed to ensure digital processes pervade all their work, from communications to policy making; increasing transparency, efficiency and accessibility.


Thus the Digital Day was organized as an endeavor to bring together passionate practitioners and avid learners to celebrate the power of digital technologies and understand how digital technologies can be used in development. Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal partnered was the main partner for the event.

The day involved 3 exciting and interactive sessions and a speed dating activity showcasing products/services from the private, public and development sector.


Session 1: Digital in Development

Digital in Development was a panel discussion where we gathered lessons learned from digital interventions in development work, locally and globally. This session included a thematic presentation at the start followed by a roundtable discussion involving development practitioners and decision makers.

Session 2: Lessons from Private Sector


The private sector has been a frontrunner in innovating as well as adopting new ways of doing business. New technological start-ups are changing the way we work, connect and exchange products and ideas. In this session, we brought together some of the most innovative private sector companies as well as Public Private Partnership (PPP) stories to talk about their work and to demonstrate how they are changing Nepal.

Session 3: Frontier Technologies

Frontier technologies are new or emerging innovations that have the potential to impact on economic, social and political activities in ways that can drive widespread changes and positive impacts on development goals.

The session began with short talk about what innovation is. Then the session moved towards the latest technology trends.

Next, there was a showcase of innovative technology solutions that have been developed in Nepal. The conversation led to the answer why innovation is important and why it should be encouraged.

Some of the solution that will be displayed are:

1. Jumping Sumo

2. Dibya Dristi (Wearable Technology)

3. MIC Copter

With few technologies showcased, the session moved towards technologies that can shape the future and what are the things we need to be ready for in order to make the most out of the latest technical developments. Here the concept Mobile First Cloud First Vision was discussed extensively.


Making the vision clear, we the session moved on to talking about technologies that will shape the future. Here some of the technologies that were showcased were:

1. Internet of things

2. HoloLens (Augmented Reality)

3. 3D Printing

4. Audio Crumbs (Audio focused game)

5. Microsoft Band (Wearable Technology)

The session ended with a note that, technology is a powerful tool and it is in our hands to make the most out of available resources.

Digital Market Place (Speed Dating Session)


This session allowed participants to move around and interact with 15-20 exhibitors showcasing the use of digital tools and technologies in day to day practice. Trend setters from the public, private and development sectors were invited to display their work and interact with a flowing group.

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Dev/Tech Day V4.0 successfully conducted with participation of different tech communities

On Aug 18, 2016, Kathmandu Dev/Tech Day V4.0 was completed successfully with nearly 150 audiences. This event is a community driven event that is being supported by Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal hosted by Unlimited Technology Pvt Ltd.


imageThis is the fourth version of Dev/Tech Day that has been organized. The program started with the keynote address by Li Jung Chiu APAC Senior Audience Marketing Lead at Microsoft on how Microsoft is working with communities and then followed by panel discussion on the activities of tech communities of Nepal and the discussion lead to development, promotion of technologies, and support from Microsoft for the communities. From this event, it was clear that Microsoft wants to work with multiple/cross platform and support the tech communities in Nepal. The panel was moderated by Allen Bailochan Tuladhar- Country Director of Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal and Microsoft Regional Director.


Objective of the DEV/TECH V4.0

The main objective of this program is to disseminate technology knowledge of IT professionals and Enterprise developers through discussion and practice in the community. MIC Nepal believes that the learning process should not be limited to schools and colleges as this is a journey not a destination. And, the real learning is possible only thru sharing skills expertise knowledge with the immediate coherent community that one belongs to. For further information about the program,

About the Co-Organizers

*** AspNetCommunity is a very active User Group of Nepal where .Net geeks from all around the globe can gather to share their knowledge and views, share their experiences, problems they are facing, exchange their ideas and knowledge and obtain better understanding of what they are doing. .Net Community invite to become a member of community and spread knowledge and ideas through blogs, forum and snippets section and broaden professional network.

*** Women in Science and Technology is a women lead group working for the empowerment of female leads in IT.

***Ktm JS Developers are the community groups that promotes JavaScript development in Nepal. Their goal is to bring like-minded people together to share their expertise in JavaScript and related web technologies.

***WinServer Community Nepal is primarily IT Professionals’ user group that helps to get most out of the latest server technologies. Every month WSC meets up, pick up Windows Server based topics and deliver presentations to the members and then move forward to an open discussion before closing.

*** Women Lead in IT is a community group of geek girls in software development. Basically Women Lead in IT organizes hackathons, promote and evangelize the developer tools in Nepal.

*** Nepal Cloud User Group is a community of Nepal where IT Professionals and developers can share their knowledge and technical expertise of cloud computing. NCUG is focused on Microsoft Azure platform. NCUG helps professionals and community members to learn new things by sharing knowledge by community meet-ups every month and also try to solve the problems with it.



The panelist put their own view on development of the communities, their activities for the tech communities, what can be done together to grow the tech communities of Nepal. The panelist for the event were Li Jung Chiu, APAC Senior Audience Marketing Lead at Microsoft, Magnus Mårtensson, MVP Azure, Prabhjot Bakshi- Microsoft Regional Director and MVP Cloud, Punit Jojodia- Binisha Shrestha, Binita Shrestha, Ravi Mandal, Alok Pandey and Pradeep Kandel- Lead of Ktm JS, Women in STEM, Women in IT, Nepal Cloud User group, ASP.Net community, Winserver Community respectively. After the panel discussion, the program was segmented into three parallel tracks where different presenters presented in different topics.


About Keynote Speaker Li Jung Chiu

imageLJ is the Audience Evangelism Lead in Microsoft Asia Pacific, Developer Experience & Evangelism Area Head Quarter, overseeing Developer and IT Professional audience engagement and strategy for more than 14 countries in APAC, including South East Asia New Markets. In her 10 years of experience in the industry, she has taken on Technical, Marketing and Operations roles. With extensive experience on Academic and Faculty engagement, Developer relations, digital strategies and complex project management. Prior to joining the Area Head Quarter, LJ was the Academic Developer Evangelist of Microsoft in Greater China Region, focusing on growing and nurturing the next generation developers through programs and technical engagements. Many of the new and established MVPs contributing in the tech. industry today were part of the works LJ and her team invested in.

Developer Track

In the developer track, different interesting presentation were presented by different speakers. Avoiding Date Manipulation Hell with JavaScript by Punit Jojodia, Community Lead- Ktm JS was the first presentation on this track. After his presentation, next presenter was by Dixanta Bahadur Shrestha and he presented on Design Patterns with .NET. Then, presentation on SOA and WCF was presented by Dev raj Gautam. In this track, Janak Shrestha presented on Building secure web API with ASP.Net Core, Microservices was presented with demo by Magnus Mårtensson.

Prabhjot Bakshi- Speaker, Dev/Tech Day V4.0

imageHe is the founder director of Getwings Technologies Private Limited, He is also the Vice President -Operations at BSP IT & Communication and Executive Director of E-Consultacyfzc, Dubai.

Since 2014, he has been extensively working with the country's top Accelerators & Incubators. He closely work with CEOs of start-ups in creating awareness & educating them on their Azure Journey starting from enrolling for Bizspark program. He has been instrumental in driving the Azure adoption in the start-up eco system. His "Azure for start-up" series of events & training sessions focused on non-Microsoft technology offerings on Azure platform has been extremely successful.

imageThe main highlights of the IT Pro Track were presentation on Integrating Private Cloud with Azure IaaS Services - Magnus Mårtensson, Microsoft Regional Director, Sweden. After his presentation, other presentation were done by Mr Manish Dhakal, Principal Engineer, Verisk Health on SQL Server 2014 Performance Tuning. Prabhjot Singh Bakshi, Microsoft Regional Director, India spoke on VPN and Networking over Cloud. Then the final presentation on this track was followed by presentation on Server Virtualization with Hyper-V and Managing a Mixed Private Cloud Scenario with System Center.

IT Pro Track

The main highlights of the IT Pro Track were presentation on Integrating Private Cloud with Azure IaaS Services - Magnus Mårtensson, Microsoft Regional Director, Sweden. After his presentation, other presentation were done by Mr Manish Dhakal, Principal Engineer, Verisk Health on SQL Server 2014 Performance Tuning. Prabhjot Singh Bakshi, Microsoft Regional Director, India spoke on VPN and Networking over Cloud. Then the final presentation on this track was followed by presentation on Server Virtualization with Hyper-V and Managing a Mixed Private Cloud Scenario with System Center.

About International Speaker: Magnus Mårtensson

imageFounder/CEO Loftysoft AB, Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft Azure MVP. Specialized in Cloud Computing technologies in general and the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform in particular. He is the first Microsoft Azure Most Valuable Professional in Scandinavia, a Microsoft Azure Insider and a Microsoft Azure Advisor and have also been awarded MVP of the Year in 2012.

He is passionate about delivering services like Strategic advice on Cloud Computing scenarios and application migration to the Cloud. This starts with the CEO and later becomes a technical challenge.


Cloud/Azure Track

- Logic App for Azure was the first presentation on Azure track by Prabhjot Singh Bakshi, Microsoft Regional Director- India.

- After Prabojit’s presentation, Migrating On-Premises workload to Microsoft Azure was presented by Magnus Mårtensson, Microsoft Regional Director-Sweden. Then after his presentation Mahesh Dahal, Microsoft MVP presented on Azure SQL. During the presentation demo has been run by the presenters.


imageDuring the program, different freebies were distributed to the audiences. Every attendee received Bluetooth speaker along with good welcome tea/coffee and cookies and tasty lunch.

T-shirts, USB drives, Laptop Stickers were also the freebies provided during the event.

Responses of the audiences was good and they are expecting deep down technology presentation and training in upcoming days from Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal.

Blogs, Pictures, Tweets: 

Tweet: #DevTechDay


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Oxford College, Chitwan signs up as Premier MICNIC College

This year, Oxford College of Engineering & Management in Gaindakot is now proudly associated with Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) Nepal as Premier Partner for being in academic partnership to be a Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal Innovation Cell (MICNIC) College.


Mr. Hari Bhandari, Principal at Oxford College of Engineering and Management signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with MIC Nepal and officially joined MICNIC FY17 network of colleges to be the 2nd premier partner besides Prime College in Kathmandu. Mr. Pradeep Kandel, who leads academic partnership signed the document on behalf of MIC Nepal.

Total of 65 reputed university affiliated colleges from in and outside Kathmandu joined MIC Nepal to be part of MICNIC FY17 Network this year.

MOU Signed with Colleges (List of Colleges)



Academia International College


Ace Institute of Management


Acme Engineering College


Amrit Science Campus


Apex College


Asian College of Higher Studies


Balkumari Campus


Birendra Multiple Campus


Birgunj Institute of Technology


Birgunj Public College


Campion College


College of Applied Business


College of Information Technology & Engineering


Cosmos College of Management and IT


Dibyabhumi Multiple College


Everest Engineering and Management College


Gandaki College of Engineering & Science


Global College International


Himalaya College of Engineering


Indreni College


Islington College


ISMT Chitwan


ISMT Kathmandu


Kantipur City College


Kantipur College of Management and Information Technology


Kantipur Engineering College


Kathford International College of Engineering & Management


Kathmandu Bernhardt College


Kathmandu College of Management


Kathmandu Engineering College


Kavre Multiple Campus


King’s College


KIST College


La Grande International College


Lord Buddha Education Foundation


Lumbini ICT College


MBM College


Naaya Aayam Multi-Disciplinary Institute


Nagarjuna College of IT


National InfoTech College


Nepal College of Information Technology


Nepal Engineering College


Nepal Mega College


Nepalaya College


New Summit College


NIST College


Nobel College


Oxford College of Engineering and Management


Pokhara Engineering College


Prime College


Sagarmatha Engineering College


Samajik College


Samriddhi College


School of Engineering


Soch College of IT


Softwarica College of IT and E-commerce


South Asian Institute of Management


St. Lawrence College


St. Xavier's College


Swastik College


Texas International College


Thames International College


Thapathali Engineering Campus


The British College


Trinity International College

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