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Dance like no one is watching.

Sing like you’re in the shower.

Live like there’s no tomorrow.


This whole theme we have going on, this whole mantra we have inspires confidence. Because when there is no one to see us attempt and fail, only when we have got nothing to lose, we step up and do everything we wanted to do. And in my opinion, that’s what youTH should be.

Youth is a time of personal growth, a time of learning new things and acting upon it, a time of new experiences and a time of taking charge and getting things done. Because if we youTH don’t then who will?

We are the ones with the drive to learn, with the resources to do things and with the mindset that things should be done. We are the future of our society, we are the building blocks of development. We are at that stage where we are molded clay that hasn’t been set. It’s still fresh, you can still turn it into a work of art if you try hard, and if you don’t then the clay is going to be just as it was before.

Youth can do many things in society. They are the ones with the passion, they are the ones with the energy, they are the ones with the drive to go furthest to accomplish the task they’ve set for themselves and they are the one willing to do it.

That is why YouTH will make our society successful. That is why this YouTH program recently started by Unlimited is going to be great and is going to make a change in us YouTHs and in our society as a whole.


YouTH for empowerment, YouTH for development!

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