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Server Day has boosted

With more than 70 attendees Mr. Pradeep Kandel who is the User Group Leader of Win Server Community also the Most Valuable Professional(MVP) and Microsoft Certified Trainer(MCT) has started the event with his introduction and Community Talks. Win Server Community conduct Server Day every year and today is the event for Windows Server 2016 which is the latest version of Windows Server. Talking about the Win Server Community it is a  non profit community and a forum for IT Pros by IT pros. The first event was conducted by Win Server Community in 2013. Some events organized by the community are Hyper-v workshop, Azure Bootcamp, etc. And the community Lead Mr. Pradeep Kandel is willing to organize Azure BootCamp after 3 month .


Mr. Pradeep Kandel talking about Windows Server 2016  Installation and Azure Integration



Community talks with the attendees

Posted: 01-28-2017 12:23 PM by Pujan Thapa