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Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V

After the 4 sessions Mr. Pradeep Kandel is again back with another major topic on Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V for the fifth session. He discussed a little about Virtualization in the first session as well but in this session he has gone deeply with the topic. He discussed about the old models and new models physical hypervisor. The use of Hyper-V has reduced the hardware resources and increased the convenience using the virtual machine in the physical machine. Before the use of Virtualization, the use of CPU was wasted doing nothing but the use of Virtualization has made CPU busy doing multiple tasks on multiple machines in a single device. The use of Virtualization and the way it is implemented was well explained. Demo on creating virtual machine and installing windows Server 2016 was presented effectively. Further topics covered are listed below:

  • Nested Virtualization
  • Shielded VMS
  • Containers
  • Memory Support
  • Operating System Support
  • Linnux on Hyper-V
  • Linux Secure Boot
  • Cloning Virtual Machines
  • Windows Powershell Direct, etc.

Mr. Pradeep Kandel showing the demonstration on Hyper-V

Posted: 01-29-2017 7:31 PM by Pujan Thapa