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Windows Server 2016 Installation & Active Directory

The first session started by the community lead Mr. Pradeep Kandel on Windows Server 2016 installation and Active Directory. He introduced about Windows Server and the community foundation and their past events and then he continued his talks focusing on Windows Server 2016. His talks and interaction with the attendees was very effective. Why to use Windows Server and what are its new roles and features and the updated versions form the past servers was very nicely explained by the community lead. Through his talks we came to know about the dead products of Windows server as well for which Microsoft doesn’t provide further support and also told that Windows 2016 Server is still not industry ready.

Not only this but he also covered the following topics:

  • Cloud
  • Currently user 2012 server, cloud optimization focused
  • Virtualization                                                            (Scalability, Agility, Availability, Heterogeneous)
  • Think services not servers comparing the Traditional Data Center and Microsoft Azure Data Center
  • Nano server in Win Server 2016
  • Active Directory new features



Mr. Pradeep Kandel also showed demo on Active Directory Installation and Configuration

Posted: 01-29-2017 6:55 PM by Pujan Thapa