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Technology Management Workshop

Microsoft Innovation Center | Nepal assisted Kathmandu College of Management (KCM) by taking responsibility of coordinating the session at the Nepal Management Symposium 2012 to ensure that the right people to lead the discussion would be present, the discussion are not top heavy as in terms of presenters coming in to present their views only, but rather also participatory and run like a workshop where all the participants can present their views.


Format of the session:

The session was kicked off with a general overview presentation of technology in business and what it means and also provided an overall mood for the session and how each of the breakout sessions would also be discussed.  The introductions of the resource persons would also be done in this introduction session.

After which the room was broken up into various small groups to discuss on the following proposed topics of the main segment.  The discussions was led by one or two resource persons pre-designated for each breakout session.  These resource persons also created a presentation for a maximum of 15 minutes so that they could come back to the plenary session to report back on the discussions.

Each breakout session had two volunteers that helped in the preparation of the notes of the discussion, probably even blogged about this as it happens on the Internet, and also to provide all the required support to the resource person/s.

The room was broken up in the various sub sections for the discussions:

   Skills required for technology and management

   Usage of technology in business

   Challenges of technology management in Nepal

   Entrepreneurship for technology and management

 Resource Persons:

  • Skills, education, knowledge required: Allen Bailochan Tuladhar, Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal
  • Usage of Technology in business: Karmath Dangol,
  • Business Opportunities due to emerging technologies; Dileep Agrawal, WorldLinki
  • Challenges of tech management in Nepal: Lena Keshari Kansakar, Ncell
  • Entrepreneurship in technology organizations; Sanjaya Golchha, Golchha Organization


Posted: 06-09-2012 9:51 PM by Allen Bailochan Tuladahr