Microsoft working for secure, trustworthy cloud


A major talked about internet topic right now is cloud computing which holds center stage in the IT industry. Different vendors, service providers, press, analysts and customers are all evaluating and discussing the opportunities and challenges presented by the cloud alongside.

A very important part of the discussion is security among others. While the benefits of cloud computing is myriads, the cloud security and privacy are becoming a top concern for customers. According to a survey conducted by Microsoft, 86% of business leaders are excited about cloud computing, but more than 75% are concerned about the security, access and privacy of data.

Customers are right on their part to ask how cloud vendors can work to ensure the security of cloud applications, the protection of data and the privacy of individuals. Microsoft responds that it’s putting its best to find the solutions on how to make the cloud system more secured then anyone has ever imagined before.


Microsoft also states that as a part of their longstanding Trustworthy Computing efforts, they strive to be more transparent than anyone about how they help enable more secure cloud computing environment.

Recently, a server and tool expert at Microsoft had said that the data that clients have in their organization is theirs, no doubt. It’s entirely their business to help us protect that information for us. Microsoft’s strategy is to deliver software, services and tools that enable customers to realize the benefits of a cloud-based model with the reliability and security of on-premises software.

A program called Microsoft Global Foundations Services (GFS) primarily covers everything from physical security to compliance, including Risk Management Process, Response, and work with law enforcement; Defense-in-Depth Security controls across physical, network, identity & access, host, application and data.

Microsoft has also put it’s focus on identity, saying “As you move to cloud services you will have a number of vendors, and you will need a common identity system.” Identity is a cornerstone of security, in general, and especially cloud security. Microsoft already provides technologies with Windows Server and our cloud offerings that customers can use to extend their existing investment in identity infrastructure (such as Active Directory) for simpler, more secure access to cloud services.

And, yeah..of course, Microsoft is not working on cloud security alone. These truly are issues that no one company, industry or sector can tackle in isolation. So it is important to start these dialogs in earnest and include a diverse range of stakeholders from every corner of the globe. Microsoft is working with customers, governments, law enforcement, partners and industry organizations, such as the Cloud Security Alliance, to collaborate on the best strategies and technologies to ensure more trustworthy cloud computing.

Published 06-26-2010 11:32 PM by Pradeep Kandel