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How can youTH make you successful?

Coming together is a beginning;
keeping together is progress;
working together is success.

Youth, the phase of life about learning and the stage of constructing the self-concept.


I went to the orientation of youTH on July 22nd and it was the first time I heard about this program and I really feel good that I attended that orientation . It inspire me to do something in life , to use my skill for the developing technology , to interact with strangers and I am excited about the idea to become a volunteering icon. It is making a more united, fraternal, stronger society, which society is better able to face the challenges of tomorrow.

  Speaking in front of people is an exercise that intimidate me. But it is also the opportunity for me to develop more confidence in myself.  interaction and communication is most for the success in life cause it creates a way toward the betterment of own self. So i feel youTH can make me successful in the way to develop self confidence and overcome my weakness and to enhance my skill .

For myself, I see the importance of new technologies in our life. I see a lot of mobile apps that make a difference in our days. technology is used in daily life and to live a life without technology for today's generation is just like impossible. To advance the technology and make it convenient is what is needed for today's word.

In my short experience, I know it is good to know what are ours strengths and weaknesses. When we know them, we could adjust yourself to took better decisions by doing the right moves. In front of our weaknesses, it is a wise idea to ask the help of others. If we work together, our strengths add up and our weaknesses are compensated.youTH helps to work in a group and increase awareness among community and to make a mentality to create a better world.

  youTH teach us how we should never give up our dreams . youTH help in our personality development and teach us to interact with each other. youTH provide platform for the youth and their innovative ideas . youTH can make you successful.


Posted: 06-29-2018 4:16 PM by prajina