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YouTH- A Path to Freedom of “being you”



I attended the Orientation of youth program Friday july 23rd 2018 , for the first time.

I was quite a nervous ,and am an introvert guy.

So first of all why did i decided to take part in it ?

- I was always fascinated by MIC Nepal and MSP program it had been conducting from quite a long time. I used to see other seniors there , I had already made up my mind if I get an opportunity to be there in future, am sure I will be applying so did I. I got he details of the program from the Facebook group Unlimited technology and immediately applied and went the next day at orientation.

So now,

lets have a handy discussion on the impact that youTH program may have in my life , in may career ahead.

The career path is not only defined by watching some motivational videos  daily or doing some programming or gaining any skill, you need to incorporate a hell lot of things inside you like speaking, communication ,networking and all. I expect a lot from this program and it had been delivering from a very long time and am sure it would be doing on me too.

The technical skills that we will be gaining from the most qualitative resources online, from the real time experienced teachers, the seniors, the most important  lessons that we learn when we interact with different people from different field will surely  help me grow mentally.

Some benefits that  I urge to take from this program is the networking, the projects(national and international), the people we interact with ,the friends we make, the fun we be the part of will help me in making my career successful.

You cant build a so called successful career on your own, you need help , you need guidance, you need a sort of hands on your back , a kick start. The youTH program is giving me all of these needed.

If we take an account of some successful people, Bill Gates, he formed company with is friends, Steve Jobs with his partner , so its crystal clear you cant all do it in own , you need help, you need a hand to hold.
This hand will be youTH, this hand will be the lesson that I learn after I become the part of it,  this hand will be the networking , friends I make, the interactions, the competitions I do , all the opportunities, challenges are provided by youTH. This will help me make my career successful.

I know a Successful career is not measured in any standard units, you need to work lot and lot for that and I would be motivated on this path of making my career good.

Being a part of youTh will encourage me, will furnish me to take the best out of me.

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