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Plans and Actions–Province Number 5( Lumbini )–National youth Conference 2018


National youth Conference 2018 ,a summit of youth from all over the 77 districts and 7 provinces. The main objective of the 3 day program was to Evoke youth , Provide them with sufficient knowledge and exposure and to make plans, actions and objectives for each province and implement and carry out those actions as soon and possible and effectively.

The work of making proper action plans for each provinces was given to  all the selected youth from respective provinces. 154 youths , from 77 districts were divided into 7 provinces according to their Provinces.

They were given time of 4 hours to discuss ,list out 7 major problems and solutions measures from each province and present it in front of judges which and at last , one action plan from each province was selected and awarded rs 75,00 to carry out those plans.

The province Number 5 ( proposed Name Lumbini ) consisting 12 12 districts also made a action plans from their long discussions and listed out 7 of those action plans.

The summary of those actions plans are presented below

1)Promotion of Touristic places -

                                               This plan focused on  Tourism industry. As this province had so many opportunities of tourism, the only places that has been recognized is Lumbini but except from that there are many other touristic places which are not even promoted. This plan was really impressive. The plan was to identify a number of touristic destinations from each districts of the province and promote them as effectively as possible , by hoarding boards, posters, news media Coverage and reach out to as many as tourist to increase the number of tourist in those touristic places.

The budget that was estimated to carry out his plan was 72, 000 RS and time frame for the completion of this action plan was estimated to be about 6 months and this plan was made on top of SDG goal number 8.9

The outcomes of this plan are :

a) Increase in Employment opportunities as increase in tourism industry directly corresponds to the Increase in employment

b) Economic growth of the province and increase in living standard of the people

c) Promotion and growth of undiscovered Touristic destinations.

2) Modernization in Agriculture  +  Agriculture Market Stability -

                                                                                We all can conclude the fact that Nepal is still an agricultural country and still are in Traditional farming methodologies.This plan was carried out to swap traditional method of farming with modern farming methods whether it may be Quality seeds , equipment's, irrigation facility or any kind of resources needed for modern farming.

Also this plan focused on  giving proper market for the agricultural products which is one of the main underlying problem of the province. The lack of proper facility of market has led the farmers productivity to be low and also income generation o be low which directly impacts the country’s economic standard.

The budget that was estimated for this plan was 1,00,000 and time frame for the completion of this plan was estimated as 8 months and this plan was made on standing top of SD goal Number 2.

The outcomes after the completion of this action plan are –

a) Market to be more stable , increase the productivity

b) Motivate people for small scale industries , and decrease foreign Employment rate

3) Environmental + Wildlife Conservation -

                                                 This plan was made to Protect the environmental and natural resources degradation that has been rapidly growing in the recent time. For this problem, the afforestation program are to be carried out in different places.

This plan also focused on the conservation of Wildlife Resources, for this ,  state level governments are to be approached as soon as possible and made proper system for wild life conservation.

The budget estimated was 80,000 , this plan was made on the top of SDG goal number – 13 and 15 and had a time frame of 5 months for the Completion.

The outcomes are :

a) Rapid Environmental and natural resource degradation would be controlled in a large scale

b) Wild life resources are conserved and promoted

4) Increase in Moral Value and Education-

                                                      This plan focused on the moral aspect of the Society. The plan was to carry out the Motivations training, street- dramas, seminars to develop moral skills and knowledge which had been lacking a lot in recent times.

The budget estimated was 90,000 , this plan was made on the top of SDG goal number – 4,5,10  and had a time frame of 3 months for the Completion.

The outcomes:

1) Increase in moral value , means increase in peace and harmony

2) Decrease in criminal activities.

5) Entrepreneurship and Technical Education -

                                                             This plan focused on brining more Entrepreneurs from the province who would create more job opportunities, more platform and contribute more in development of the state.

This plan also focused on Providing more technical knowledge among the youths of the State which will drastically reduce the Foreign  Employment rate. The technical training like Mobile repairing,g tailoring, IT works, Electrical Works etc.

The budget estimated was 120,000,, this plan was made on the top of SDG goal number – 1,2,8  and had a time frame of 9 months for the Completion.


a) Decrease in Poverty and increase in  Economic Standard

b) Increase the Self-Dependence and the flow the smell of Entrepreneurship

6) Awareness among youth + Mensuration Education -
                                                                                 This plan mainly focused on awarding the youth of provinces and motivating them to get involved in developmental works, to take career in right path, for this doffrent Motivational training, education, Street- dramas are to be organized

and this plan also focused on being safe on Mensuration period, provide sex Education , family planning.

The budget estimated was 85,000 , this plan was made on the top of SDG goal number – 3   and had a time frame of 7 months for the Completion.

1) Increase in productivity from youths

2) Decrease Mortality rate , increase heath care facilities and education.

7) Identify the available resources  and Mobilize youth - 

                                                                                This was the long term plan and this focused on first identifying all the available resources , undiscovered areas, and mae a group of youth and mobilize them on using those available resources to carry out developmental works.

This plan would mobilize each and every youth of the Province which is a much needed step for carrying the Developmental works, i.e. the participation of youth directly.

The Budget estimated was 350,000 ,time frame  of 2months and this plan was made on top of SDG goal number 8.

The Grant of 75,000 was only given to one of the 7 ideas that stands on the top and after the decision from jury , the 75,000 grant was given to the idea “ Entrepreneurship and Technical Education “ .


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National youth Conference 2018 - 1st Session (Dr. Bhimarjun Acharya)


The 3rd day of National youth Conference 2018 Started with the speech from Dr. Bhimarjun Acharya, Constitution LLM PhD. He is a renowned leading Constitutional Expert of Nepal. He delivered a speech and presented on the “Rule of Law “ of Nepal. He mainly focused on what is rule of law, the new constitution of Nepal, how rule of law would help in getting the goals set by youth. Being a Constitutional Expert of Nepal and having vast experience in Nepalese law Scenario and as advocate of the supreme court of Nepal his specialization lies mostly in Constitution business and criminal law, the youth got opportunity to lay down their few queries and get answers from the expert.


“Rule of law” a disciplinary act which is to be followed by everyone and many of the participated youth hadn’t not known about the “Rule of Law” , Dr Bhimarjun Acharya reflected its importance , highlighted main points of “Rule of law” in Nepal ,the history of Rule of Law in Nepal. He presented on “Rule of law” vs “Rule by Law”.

Some criticism of Rule of Law in Nepal are:

a) Emergence of Anarchism

b) Degeneracy of “Rule of law” into Rule of Mob

c) Lack of Awareness of “Rule of Law” among the people of youth.

He had a Q/A Session with the youth Participants where youth Participants raised about “Rule of Law” , why its not being implemented Effectively , Some judicial works being Carried out in the country, Questions like “Why Death penalty hadn’t been imposed in Rape case ? ” and much influential questions which were answered by Bhimarjun Acharya.His session led to the fact that “Rule of Law” is the most important component and disciplinary act that is to be followed for the prosperity of the country and to be understood by each and every one.


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Motivational Speaker– Ranjit Acharya

Renowned Motivational Speaker , Ranjit Acharya Motivates the participants  starting with  the phrase “ PAGAL VAYAU KI KYA HO ? “  and ends his talk with the same phrase “ PAGAL VAYAU KI KYA HO ? “


He compared the breed of the apple’s seed with our passion. Compare your passion’s breed with the other one .Find what makes you feel interesting for you. Find your field of interest. Focus on the one task on what you are capable of. He gave the example of Mother Teresa, Steve Job, Binod Chaudhary, Anuradha Koirala and other many successful personality of the world does not become successful involving on the all the sectors available and profitable,the key for their success is that they just focus on the what they are capable of and what gives the satisfaction for them from their inner soul .The success is not about your color,height,weight,caste or any religion,it’s about what there is inside on you,the key element inside us we find on .Focus on where you find the opportunity for you. Focus only on that where you feel respectful from your inner side. Be thankful for all those who doesn’t contributed for the sector like health,education,finance ,society,etc. because this remains as the opportunity for you to make contribution from you. The solution is hidden inside the problem, you just need is how you interpret the thing. Be positive from your inner soul because the positive change from you can create the magic for this world, the unique change from your side always remains as the magical task, the unique idea triggered on you mind always remains as the madness for the whole world. It doesn’t matter how the world behaves for you because surely there comes the day when the whole world will starts to praise you. That will be the day you become superior because you decide to change according to time, you decide the madness , you choose to be positive.



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Opening Speech of Conference by Saroj Baniya(President NYC)

National Youth Conference 2018 was started with the speech by President of Nepal Youth Council.He addressed all the participants joined from all the 77 districts of Nepal.All the energetic attendies Youth from all over the country came up with full of excitation were very supportive with his words.He just explained that most of the people in the country shouts for the problems only ,blaming others “this doesn’t ,that doesn’t” but we don’t focus on what might be the solution for the problems running around.Starting day of the National Youth Conference 2018 for  International Youth Day 2018 themed with the key slogan”TRANSFORMING NEPAL:YOUTH LEADERSHIP & INNOVATION” basically  focused all the youth of the country transforming Nepal into Peace and Prosperity.President too explained that the dream all Nepali “Peace and Prosperity for Development” fully depends on the effort of the present youth,the task we performed today will decide the future of the country for tomorrow._DSC0056Nowadays the platform for the youth can be found in lots of sector,it’s our time to grab the opportunity and say that we can do it we can do for the self,we can do for the nation.Don’t just leave the task for the development in the hand of politicians and other governmental bodies,do it by your own because development of self is the development of the nation.He too provide the hope and confident for us that now the country will change definitely,it will move towards the path of the development and sure reach the destiny that we all Nepali want for our country’s Peace and  Prosperity.


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National youth Conference 2018

Here Today dated    Sunday, August 12, 2018 , the  commencement of National youth Conference 2018 at Anupam Food and , Battisputali.



We will be Live streaming the  Event on Facebook and youtube both after the Program officially starts.

Nepal today stands at the cusp of transformation with the introduction of the federal system of governance. The elections to the three tiers of autonomous governments at the central, provincial and local levels have been successfully held.  Of significance, is the presence of 41.12% of elected women representatives in local governance as a result of the affirmative action provided by the Constitution.

Although, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has developed a ten-year strategy and programme entitled,  “Youth Vision 2025”, for harnessing youth resources with the aim of promoting their professional growth and entrepreneurship, every day around 1500 to 2000 people migrate for overseas labour employment mostly to the Gulf countries and Malaysia. The majority of them are youths. The remittance that they send to the country contributes 30% to the GDP. Nevertheless, the economic-socio costs of migration for labour employment are high. Most of those who opt for migration often end up being victims of unsafe migration and trafficking.  Worst still, it is reported that almost 8-10 corpses of migrant labourers arrive at the Tribhuvan International Airport every day. The hidden dimension of labour migration in the form of maimed or injured labour migrants, psycho-social problems either suffered by them or their families, especially wives of migrant labourers yet to be addressed by Government of Nepal.

Today, youths comprise 40% of the world’s population. This is a sizeable number that holds promise for driving the economic development of the country as they represent a vital resource for transformation of any nation. In Nepal, out of the total population of approximately 23 million, youths between the ages of 16 – 40 constitute 40%.  The government has formulated several polices that target the youths to encourage their participation in national development such as the 2004 Agricultural Policy, 2006 Labour and Employment Policy, 2011 Industrial Policy and 2014 National Employment Policy.

Nevertheless, half of the youth populations are either unemployed or under-employed. In twenty years’ time, they will become old. Therefore, there is an urgent need to harness youth leadership and action in shaping the development of the country. This can be possible when there are safe spaces for youths from diverse backgrounds, castes, ethnicity, sex and geographic location to engage in the public sphere whether it be in decision-making, business and entrepreneurship, social development and digital world without fear of violence and coercion.

This year’s theme for the International Youth Day 2018 is: “Safe Space for Youth”. In recognition of the fact that youths play determining roles in shaping the direction of development of the country and to bring that undeniably effective force into the mainstream of development in Nepal through ensuring safe spaces in both the private and public spheres, the Nepal Youth Council (NYC Nepal) are proposing to host a three-day National Youth Conference from 12- 14 August, 2018


  1. Examine the status of agriculture, tourism and IT development in Nepal to engage youths in the economic development of the country.
  2. Explore innovative ideas for creating sustainable domestic employment opportunities for promoting youth leadership and innovation.
  3. Mobilise the youths for partnering with the federal, provincial and local governments to influence national and local policies and plans on youth and development for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a focus on SDG 5 pertaining to Gender Equality.


  1. 7 Provincial Plans of Action on Youth and SDGs


In total, 204 participants will attend the Conference. 154 youths (one female and one male) from 77 districts will be eligible to participate in the Conference. Additionally, 50 youths from the Provinces (gender balanced) will be selected from among the differently-abled, dalits, diverse ethnic groups and LGBTQI.

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YouTH- A Path to Freedom of “being you”



I attended the Orientation of youth program Friday july 23rd 2018 , for the first time.

I was quite a nervous ,and am an introvert guy.

So first of all why did i decided to take part in it ?

- I was always fascinated by MIC Nepal and MSP program it had been conducting from quite a long time. I used to see other seniors there , I had already made up my mind if I get an opportunity to be there in future, am sure I will be applying so did I. I got he details of the program from the Facebook group Unlimited technology and immediately applied and went the next day at orientation.

So now,

lets have a handy discussion on the impact that youTH program may have in my life , in may career ahead.

The career path is not only defined by watching some motivational videos  daily or doing some programming or gaining any skill, you need to incorporate a hell lot of things inside you like speaking, communication ,networking and all. I expect a lot from this program and it had been delivering from a very long time and am sure it would be doing on me too.

The technical skills that we will be gaining from the most qualitative resources online, from the real time experienced teachers, the seniors, the most important  lessons that we learn when we interact with different people from different field will surely  help me grow mentally.

Some benefits that  I urge to take from this program is the networking, the projects(national and international), the people we interact with ,the friends we make, the fun we be the part of will help me in making my career successful.

You cant build a so called successful career on your own, you need help , you need guidance, you need a sort of hands on your back , a kick start. The youTH program is giving me all of these needed.

If we take an account of some successful people, Bill Gates, he formed company with is friends, Steve Jobs with his partner , so its crystal clear you cant all do it in own , you need help, you need a hand to hold.
This hand will be youTH, this hand will be the lesson that I learn after I become the part of it,  this hand will be the networking , friends I make, the interactions, the competitions I do , all the opportunities, challenges are provided by youTH. This will help me make my career successful.

I know a Successful career is not measured in any standard units, you need to work lot and lot for that and I would be motivated on this path of making my career good.

Being a part of youTh will encourage me, will furnish me to take the best out of me.

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