Technological Utopia

Do you have those moments when you get a sudden insight, an idea when you are not even thinking about it? It was one of those moments for me when I got the idea of building a new type of computer that could work together with human body, and here is how it works.


This computer will be installed inside an infant and connected to the nervous system. It will act as a monitoring and projecting station as it remotely projects information about the infant’s emotions, thoughts, and needs on a screen. As the baby grows, with machine learning, the computer will adapt to the changes in the body. It will project calorie count, nutritional and mineral value, and hormonal action. It will also alert the host of possible diseases by detecting infectious agents and malfunctioning of body parts. The computer’s functionality will not be limited to the host's biology; two or more computers will connect and instantly transfer information to one another. This will make communication much faster, and possibly the same for every other activity. This computer will be further developed to function as a controlling station, a second brain perhaps. That way, hosts could use it to induce sleep, suppress emotions, and increase functionality of an organ of their body or a part of their brain.

I am aware that many problems could arise with the invention of this computer. What if someone hacks into your computer and steals all of your thoughts? I believe that when it comes into existence, the world will have changed accordingly to address all of its complications. I am also aware that this might sound like science-fiction right now, but, with today's exponential technological advancement, the idea might soon turn into reality. I am very excited about the future and glad that I will be able to contribute to it.

Later, I realized that this idea had been floating in the back of my head for a long time. My interest to combine my knowledge on biology (which I studied while preparing for the MBBS entrance examination) and technology triggered the sudden insight into the idea. I cannot wait to explore more about technology and create something to bring about some positive changes in the world.

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Posted: 07-11-2018 2:52 AM by Mr. Fantastic