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What would I learn after being a youTH?

The computer teacher I had when I was in grade 9 is a former MSP. He was a computer engineering student and his personality was really amazing. Since then I got interested in joining computer science field and also being MSP.. It would be a once in a lifetime experience. After that I passed my SLC, joined +2, completed it and then started learning computer programming online and then joined computer science and information technology. When I joined Computer science and knew that the MSP program was already discontinued by the Mircosoft Innovation Center in Nepal, I was really disappointed. Then as I got to know about the youTH program, I badly wanted to join it so I filled up the online form, and then went for the orientation. It was really amazing. Now I want to be a part of that community more than ever. If I get to join youTH, there are some areas of interest in which I would like to gain more knowledge through that platform. I would like to list some of them below.


  • Communication Skill


I am not a good speaker but whenever I get to speak in front of a crowd, I try to do that. I don't have that particular skill but it is something that I would really like to learn and improve.


  • Technical Skills


I am a tech lover and I want to get more technical skills. To be honest, till this moment I guess I have become a jack of all trades, master of none as I know videography, photography, graphics design, programming etc so through the programs conducted on youTH, I would like to focus on one technical skill that I would like to master.


  • Presentation Skill


In my opinion, presentation skill is one of the vital skills for a computer science & Information Technology student as we create projects or do some research on some particular area of interests and we have to demonstrate our products or findings in a crowd. For that particular reason, I would love to have good presentation skill.


  • Time management


I really struggle with managing time for the tasks that I need to do. This particular reason has always stopped me to achieve what I want to achieve. Therefore, Time management is something I want to learn on the youTH platform so that I can become more productive.


Those are the skills that I would love to learn on the youTH platform. I am really excited and looking forward to joining the youTH platform.

Posted: 09-04-2018 4:18 PM by prashant-acharya with no comments