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Network BUSY??????????????????????????

"The subcriber you have dailled cannot be reached at the moment.Please try again later."

Tired of hearing this?? but have you ever thought of what does "Netwrok Busy" exactly mean? Well if you are a networkin student, am sure you kno more than me. BUt for students like me who aren't pure technical students, this information can be helpful.

Making the whole idea concise, network busy actually means full utilisation of bandwidth. Now wondering what "Bandwidth" means. Bandwith is a measure of available or consumed data communication resources expressed in bit/s or multiples of it (kbit/s, Mbit/s etc). In that case, each of the area is allocated some bandwidth. For instance assume that the bandwidth allocated for Baneshwor is 3.5 Mbit/sec. If a whole lot of people starts makin call at the same time, the whole of this bandwidth is utilised by the user. At the same instance, if i try makin a call at the same area, the allocated bandwidth won't be able to respond my request because its already utilised. Its something like car that has the capacity of 5 people cant take in any more people after 5 people have taken their seats in the car. And thats how you recieve a message in your cell "Network Busy."

These days ,we've been hearing a lot about CDMA and GSM mobile. But do you know that these are the thrown away phones of developed nations like Japan,UK. But the technology used by these phones to utisilsing the allocated bandwith is awesome. These cell phones make efficient use of bandwidth. Consider that i am using a GSM phone, the bandwoidth allocated at my area (Baneshwor) is 3.5. I tried makin a call. At the same instance a girl from bhakta paur also tries to make a call. then the GSM technology enables the utilisation of same allocated bandwidth for two different areas. And thats how GSM mobiles make efficient use of the allocated bandwidth. In that sense, GSM mobiles have fewer network problems.

Now you must be wondering " In Nepal, GSM mobiles also faces much network problems. The reason is Nepal hasn't yet built minimum requirement of networking towers.





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What a "Facebook Browser" Means For the Web

This week Rumors of a new "Facebook Browser"  called "Rockmelt", have surfaced in the techno arena ,which is desinged with a star-studded cast of backers.

The techno-society hasn't yet recieved of what exactly the browser looks like or say would be like, hoever one thing thats for sure is its unlike to be a facebook client, and m sure such smart people would not such copy cat the most popular social site "Facebook".

My assumptions about the "Rockmelt" is that it must be a fully realized version of the Facebook. My research on this RockMelt tells me that the basic idea of the service is to let developers integrate, enable their users to interact with Facebook friends on their site, without having to create new accounts. It provides readymade social features for any site, without giving users the burden of having to rebuild their own network from scratch.

However, at the present instant, FB connect can be only used by developers, the beta version of rockmelt i assume. When the rockmelt is upto its users, i am sure it will enable its users to  access the service anywhere and create a social network even when they are just browsing.

My research tells me that even the FB users are working on the Rockmelt. So hopefully, this wonderful project of Rockmelt is an extension of the more radical version of the most popular social site "Facebook".

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