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Its not Jumla.....Its JOOMLA

Recently in an attempt to make my DBMS project the best one, I spent a lot of time in Photoshop to design its interface. It definitely made me more familiar with the tools of Photoshop. However, during that process, i discovered a powerful tool that made my applications more powerful. And the tool was JOOMLA.

Joomla is a CMS (Content Management System) which enables its users to build powerful online applications. Its user-friendliness, and the extensibility feature have made Joomla the most powerful and popular website software available. And the most amazing part is that Joomla is an Open-source available for free to the interested ones. Just as the CMS, Joomla keeps the track of every content of your website just as the library has the organised collection of books in its shelf. One major advantage to the users of Joomla is that, it requires almost no technical knowledge to use, what required is only INTEREST.

Website developers are nowadays more interested in Joomla, because it adds to the strength of your website. You develop a powerful website, and Joomla adds a power to it.. You may have developed a very powerful site, but its the visitors to determine how strong is ur site in the www world. And JOOMLA is one tool to add visitors to your site by managing the contents of your site in an organised, and of course in a fashoinable manner.

A few examples of the site that uses Joomla are : MTV Networks Quizilla,  Harvard University and many more.

P:S : To learn more about Joomla and how to use it, please log onto :

I hope that you will gather much more benefits by visiting this page since one blog post wont be enough for me to tell what a joomla can do!!!!



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