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Smoking problem in Youths !

A irony, although the awareness about the effects of smoking has tremendously increased in recent times so has the number of people ingrained in it. Smoking has become a norm in young teens in the name of looking modern, fitting in better among their peers, in their own words for “looking cool”.  What is even serious about it is that once mainly dominated by men, even girls these days are doing it.  More and more people are literate, aware about the effects of smoking in their health yet they are pursuing the habit. Just a taste for pleasure turns out to be a obdurate habit.

The reason why smoking is deeply prevalent in teenagers is they want keep up with the trend and trend is that smoking makes you look cool. And they are not ready to listen, they don’t want their parents, teachers, relatives or seniors bothering them in any way, in their own words intervening in their life, typical teenagers, right?

Funny enough, they have some pretty good points to defend themselves. In discussion their main points are - smoking reduces the stress, smoking give the pleasure to our body , the youth who take weed as smoking also think that weed increases concentration and focus as well as it increases our remembering power. Can’t blame them, teenage times has always been a stressful time. They find it really hard to say what kind of stress but a stress they have. And then media is full of weed news with its positive impacts. Medicinally it may be good but hanging around it at all times is surely not good and this is what teenagers are doing. They are high all the times. They actually want to try it, have a habit of it and they themselves try to meddle their minds with the positive impacts smoking has and completely disregard the negative impact smoking has.

Now lets talk about how they start smoking. Some of the boys in village area take smoking to relief stomach , headache and stress. The main cause of the smoking problem in adolescence is our friendship ,friends are those things in our life who can change our destination , our goal and can understand our feelings . Most of the youths learn smoking from their friend circle , Those friends who is earlier smoker teach his new friends to take smoking by telling many things such as : Oh yar take it , (maja auxa) will be pleasure , Oh take one stick , it will reduce your pain etc etc .Another illusion is , Youth used to take smoking to feel warm in the body in cold environment .Also if two or more than two friends are meeting after long time they take smoking with some drinks and snacks to celebrate their friendship .Another cause of smoking is teenage love and breakup problem , teenage is the time in which most of the boys and girls are attracted with opposite gender and they feel like they can understand each others , they can share their problems to each others , also they feel free themselves with each others , such things bring them in insecure relationship and without knowing any responsibilities they fall in love relationship .Some youths think the relationship as enjoyment also but they didn’t think what will be wrong and right in coming future by falling in such condition .After some time , the misunderstanding , family problems and other personal problems break their relationship which cant controlled by their brain and this problem directly affect their education , some are get depressed , cant work well , they cant relate themselves with their friends and family members , some victims think about negative things like suicide etc etc which is the biggest adolescent problem in the current time, by taking this problem seriously many youths are taking smoke , drinks etc. Those adolescent problems are arising in our society day by day. So to decrease those adolescent problems , what can we do ? Well , we can do many things to change our society , country , we can lead many youths facing with different problems . Today’s scientific world and energetic youths can handled the whole world. In this technological period of time , youth can solve many problems like adolescent problem by using different technology .So what is the role of youTH to change the world , to solve such problems? Youth can play the most important role in every sectors as it has millions ideas to change the whole world. To solve the adolescent problem like smoking , depression , youth can collect many ideas from different teams involving youth program and can  share them each other .In this time youth can develop different technical apps , sites to understand the victim’s problem and by knowing this it will be easier to handle the problem. Also youth can organize different awareness program related with such adolescence problem and its effects , prevention also .For smoke addicted persons , youth can help them by sharing the negative impacts of smoking , also youth can keep them busy by giving some useful and educational social work . As well as youth can be a mediator to share  the problem of victims with their friends , parents , relatives . There are so many platforms in youth . Day by day , artificial intelligence is developing rapidly , it can observe the sense of humans , many youths are dreaming to work in artificial intelligence . With the help of artificial intelligence we can observe the sense of the victimized person and by understanding such problems we can handle them easily .Youth make those persons which are facing smoking and depression problems well educated man , Youth can give them self confident power by sharing many knowledgeable things , inspirational videos , educational things etc .So youth can make the world more developed with technology...

Posted: 07-17-2018 11:34 AM by Rabindra pangeni with no comments