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Microsoft MDP Nepal Announces Microsoft Student Partners

Kathmandu, NEPAL — July 13, 2009—Microsoft MDP Nepal announced today the selection of the Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) for the fiscal year 2010 from engineering colleges of Nepal from an overwhelming number of applications received from various engineering colleges of Nepal.









Microsoft Student Partners are a select group of students in Nepal who are passionate about technology and have a strong willingness to share their knowledge with their peers. Student Partners are the students creating and leading campus clubs or organizations and special interest groups. Always on the leading edge of technology innovation, these students are evangelists in the classic sense, looking to spread their infectious enthusiasm for software development far and wide. Student Partners are black-belt and highly experienced student developers who have demonstrated their technical and/or managerial expertise and commitment to their respective campus communities.





These students are recognized, credible, and accessible individuals with expertise on the Microsoft developer platform. They actively participate in online and offline communities to share their knowledge and expertise with other students and in some cases, with professional developers.





The Microsoft Student Partner Program is the way that Microsoft formally acknowledges the accomplishments of these individuals for their contributions to community. It is focused on allowing all students, and most especially, these select student influentials, to realize their full potential.





Overview of the MSP program





Students are awarded Microsoft Student Partner status for one fiscal year. During this time they refer to themselves as a Microsoft Student Partner and act as an official representative of Microsoft at their college/university.





Being an MSP demands dedication. Every MSP is encouraged to undertake 4 activities and numerous voluntary activities throughout the year which are designed to suit everyone's level of ability and creativity. Activities range from giving technical lectures on campus, writing articles for the student newsletter to entering the Imagine Cup or running your own computer society.





Name                                           College




Sagar Pandey                               Advanced College of Engineering & Management




Shyam Mani Acharya                   Advanced College of Engineering & Management




Paras Sitoula                                Apex College




Pratima Kshetry                            Apex College




Ashok Neupane                            Amrit Science College




Deepna Devkota                          Amrit Science College




Indu Poudel                                  CITE




Bikram Khatiwada                        Cosmos College of Management & Technology




Amrita Poddar                              Institute of Engineering, Pulchok




samant Manandhar                     Institute of Engineering, Pulchok




Sheetal Sharma Poudel                Kantipur Engineering College




Tej Prasad Dhamala                    Kantipur Engineering College




Rahul Shakya                               Kathford International College




Sajana Maharjan                         Kathford International College




Sadiksha Dhakal                          Kathmandu College of Management




Pratik Om Shrestha                     Kathmandu College of Management




Elisha Rajbhandari                      Kathmandu Engineering College




Gulshan Chaurasia                      Kathmandu Engineering College




Sujan Shrestha                             Kantipur City College




Manisha Shrestha                        Kantipur City College




Anil Lamichhane                          KIST College of Management




Pramila Bastakoti                        KIST College of Management




Sumira Shrestha                           New Summit College




Shovit Sharma                              New Summit College




Saput Shrestha                             St. Xavier's College




Unisha Joshi                                 Thapathali Campus




Amitabh Manandhar                    Thapathali Campus







The continuation of the program is a result of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to build the country’s knowledge economy through a strong partnership that was signed between Microsoft and Nepal Government in May 2009. The MOU focused on accelerating the adoption and progress of Nepal’s ICT (Information and communication technologies) initiatives in three mutually-beneficial areas:








-          Improve access to technology, ICT training and curriculum for students, teachers and the community







-          Promote Nepal as a favorable destination for business investment and one which respects intellectual property rights







-          Help accelerate the adoption and deployment of ICT within the Government and Education sectors as an enabler of the National ICT Policy and e-Nepal initiative.







Microsoft is committed to offer and contribute a spectrum of education resources and applications to empower all citizens including students and teachers to realize their full potential and encourage computer literacy. Specifically, Microsoft is aiming to support at least 10,000 students to gain various levels of ICT certification and training.







MSPs are also ensuring that every student in their college have access to genuine Microsoft software thru the Microsoft Development Network Academic Alliance program, (MSDN AA).  This program provides access to all the latest Microsoft professional developer tools, servers, and platforms in a single, comprehensive package which simplifies licensing, deployment and staying current with software updates in a simple and inexpensive way. It helps faculties, and the network managers who support them, better prepare students for their future careers by removing obstacles to accessing the latest technology. Microsoft is offering, at no cost, a 3 years online membership to the Microsoft MSDN Academic Alliance for all the technical universities of Nepal which will be administered by the MSPs.






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Microsoft Student Partners

It’s been a successful  year we worked as an MSP 2008-09 selected by Microsoft MDP Nepal from different Engineering colleges and the colleges that fall under the STEM-D (Science, Technology, Engineering , mathematics and developers) to develop information technology skills Nepalese students to be able to face their upcoming challenges after they graduate and face the industries.

The whole idea of the program is to prepare the Nepalese Students to be able to showcase their technical skills in the world. Basically the universities of the country are moreover focused on the subject material to be taught to the students. A New thought process was introduced Microsoft MDP Nepal to give extra Knowledge and training to the students of Nepal other than the knowledge and skills that they learn at their colleges. For this process two ambassador from each college were selected as Microsoft Student Partners 2008- 09.

During the year the two ambassadors from different college were colleges were given a large number of trainings, opportunity to be able to be a part of different IT events held in Nepal, play with newer technology before everyone and the most importantly share it with the community. Events like BHASA WORKSHOP, BLOGGING WORKSHOP were organized for the students to trim their skills. A lot of technology experts from outside the county were also brought in to the country to give the presentations in different technology. A number of programs like Live@edu, MSDNAA, Portals like (for the IT professionals), (for the software developers) were launched and a large number of students were involved.

I was a part of it and I feel proud to be associated with it. I hope it’s going to be big and more worthy next year. I want to thank all my colleagues working with me as an MSP 2008-09 and lastly not the least Microsoft MDP Nepal for giving me this opportunity and helping me and my friends trimming our skills. I look forward to contribute in Nepal’s IT sector and compete with the IT of different countries.

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