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Use Windows Live Messenger For Mig33

Mig33 the fastest growing social media on cell phones can be used using your pc Windows Live Messenger. As it can be done hopefully it will save lots of money of lots and lots of mig33 users as they do not need to sign in from their mobile phones and paying for GPRS.

Step First

1. Registering your account

capture 1

Go to and you will find a page and click on sign up and  you will fine the above page. Mark yes, use my email address and continue



Fill in the details as above and register as and remember that it should be a valid email address of mig33.

capture 3

verify your email once again by typing the same email address once again.

Step second

2. Verifying your email address


go to and enter your mig33 email id and password



see your mailbox and you will see two new mails the first one welcoming and the second one of confirmation, open the link in a new browser and than click continue


enter the id as and enter your mig33 password and click to sign in and enjoy.

If you have a problem I would love to hear you guys on mig33.

I am

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