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Deepzooming your photographs

We all are aware of the fact that as we zoom out our photographs, the pixel breaks and we are no longer able to have a clear view. But, now with the help of a new technology called deepzoom, you will able to zoom in and zoom out your pictures to any extent, and still very comfortable to the eyes.


You can also create a composition using a large collection of images. The users will be able to move around zooming any part/region they want.  The region that is being viewed will be fixed first. So, it is fast too.


The MSP photochain ( had inspired me very much, and I wanted to do the same for my class. So, I played with deepzoom using some of my classmate photos and here is what I came out with.


Thanks to Allen sir who helped me throughout this project and to my friends who made the photographs available.


Deepzoom composer can be downloaded from here


Here’s also the deepzoom turorial that had helped me alot


Example of site using deepzoom


Learn more about deepzoom

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Uploading photos using Windows Live Photo Gallery

Life is full of memories, and Photos and videos is the best way to bring these moments alive again. Sharing our beautiful moments with our family and friends is all the fun. And, in today’s era, everything happens online. You don’t have to carry the photographs or videos along, or your family and friends don’t have to wait to come to your place and have the view.  You can just upload it to your account in windows live, facebook or anything similar and share it with the entire world.

Windows live photo gallery can make your work much easier. Using Windows Live Photo GalIery, it is very easy to manage our photos and share them online. You can zoom, rotate, search, add ratings, tags and text captions to your photographs very easily.

When it comes to the speed, Windows Live Photo Gallery is just amazing. If you try uploading the pictures from the windows live, facebook and similar directly, it takes an unexpected time and you usually end up with an error message. But, with Windows Live Photo Gallery, you can upload any number of photos at a time and with great speed.

You can also directly download the images from your camera to the Windows Live Photo Gallery. As soon as you connect your camera to the computer, the photos will be grouped based on the date when the photos where clicked. It can also be used as the default image viewer on Windows.

You can download the Windows Live Photo Gallery here.

You can also use Windows Live Photo Gallery Plug-ins to upload photos to facebook, youtube and similar.

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Asking for or helping other via Windows Remote Assistance??

Every now and then, you face problems while computing. You might be in need of an instant help and your friend might have the solution to your problem. But, what if you don’t get what he is actually trying to explain you and you are still stuck with the problem.

Well, Windows Remote Assistance is the perfect solution.

Recently, I got my problem solved using Remote Assistance and I experienced that the best way to fix a problem is to have someone show you how. It was more like watching a live video to me. Windows Remote Assistance connects two computers so that one person can troubleshoot or fix problems on the other person’s computer.

Windows Remote Assistance is a very convenient way for someone you trust, such as a friend or technical support person, to connect to your computer and walk you through a solution—even if that person isn't nearby. To help ensure that only people you invite can connect to your computer using Windows Remote Assistance, all sessions are encrypted and password-protected.

By following a few steps, you can use an instant message, e‑mail or file to invite someone to connect to your computer. After he or she is connected, that person can view your computer screen and chat with you about what you both see. With your permission, your helper can even use his or her mouse and keyboard to control your computer and show you how to fix a problem. You can also help someone else the same way.

Here’s the Step-by-Step Guide to Remote Assistance.

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