Youth for Digital Nepal

                                                                                            For the Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, education and skills training are vital to prepare the next generation.


                              The life style has been moving with the changing and evolving technology. We know the value of time and we need to solve the problem of Nepal digitally. We youth have to create the opportunity in Nepal. We need to build the skills and confidence to successfully apply the technology. Yes!!!  we do have a problems, but it doesn't mean that we cant solve them. Every emerging problems should be discussed , how young people  can use digital tools for turning their dreams into reality.










The smartphone markets keeps getting updates. Almost on a daily basis and we need to change  in same manner. Through the concept of digital Nepal ,we can  launched free-Online Educations in the schools of rural villages of Nepal. we can learn about how to use social media responsibly, launched a successful business , data visualization, multi-media story telling and virtual reality etc.

 Buying something from Internet is myth in Nepal. People still afraid of it. Even though the website like , etc are doing well, they still lack the public exposure. E-commerce website of Nepal like kaymu, Nepbay, Meroshopping, harilo, Foodmandu, Yeskantipur, Muncha, Metrotarkari , etc; are doing great in Nepal. But they are doing good only inside the valley and some major ciities of Nepal.

That's why need more youth to contribute in this sectors. we youth has power to change this world and together we can achieved a lot. we've grown up learning from our parents and grandparents mistakes and we have the opportunity to make a difference. we as the generation of teenagers and young adult can start to make a change. youth can change the world . I know that , It sounds bold but our youth has the tool to begin the process.

we can achieved a lot in E-commerce platform and we have to make our online-business more power and focused to goal so that youTH can make digital Nepal.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              






























































































































































































Posted: 07-13-2018 4:33 PM by Sadhana Budhathoki