Child Safe Net - Cyber Safety awareness

We are living in a generation where every youngster are enjoying their life in a fantasy of virtual world. It's a sad reality of our generation where breaking of i-Phone hurts more than breaking our own legs.

Taking pictures before eating at restaurants and bars, not wearing the dresses that has been already uploaded in social media, making fake personality, hashtag at every things you do,  sharing feelings with unknown  and doing unnecessary internet challenges have been trending in our society. As many of us spend most of our waking hours on the internet , we may be at risk of internet addiction.



People should always be aware of the danger of the internet because "Internet - Does not Forget &  Does not Forgive". Children are especially vulnerable to the danger of Internet and could be exposed to threats like cyber-bullying, online sexual abuse, inappropriate content etc.

All over the world, thousands of children use social networking or gaming sites just to have  enjoyable times, without being aware of dangerous people they meet online. Online predators are the biggest cause of worry for parents as they cannot monitor their child every second - what they are doing in internet and by whom they are manipulated?

I had an opportunity to participate in a training on cyber security for protection of children and young people in the digital age at Microsoft Innovation Centre (MIC) Nepal, Kichhapokhari, Kathmandu, conducted by ChildSafeNet . The training provided me the knowledge on how children  and young people could be vulnerable to cyber crime. I also realized that my knowledge on cyber safety was not sufficient to protect myself and children from such threats.

The Founder of ChildSafeNet, Anil Raghuvanshi Sir shared his experiences and Impacts of Internet Addiction powerfully by giving examples from real cases in our society. During the session, a young intern at  ChildsafeNet shared his own experience of gaming addiction and how that impacted negatively on his behaviour and education.

Moreover, listening and participating in the discussions during the training and watching awareness videos made by childSafeNet, I came to know how Cyber grooming affect children and young people as the groomers gradually and systematically gain the trust of their victims for their abuse and exploitation , mostly for sexual abuse.








Anil Raghuvanshi Sir,  presented many issues that young children are facing, such as online child sexual abuse & exploitation , sexting, cyber-bullying, sextortion, violence and offline sexual abuse. He also shared information on suicide committed by a teenage girl in Nepal after her nude photo was shared online by his ex-boyfriend. A good support system is required to help children who face sexual abuse and exploitation .

Since, most of the children and young people do not have knowledge about cyber laws , helplines, reporting systems and other security issues, they find themselves helpless. Curiosity to explore new things and meet strangers online cause potential harm as they do not receive proper guidance from parents and teachers on Safe use of the internet. 

I received following key message from the ChildSafeNet training for safe use of Internet.

  • Use strong passwords using combinations of small and capital letters, special characters & numbers. Passwords should be changed  frequently and should not be shared with others.
  • Block and report people who irritate you and send abusive messages.
  • Inform parents/guardians, teachers or trusted friends if you are abused or someone tried to harm you online.
  • Do not accept friend request from strangers on social media.
  • Never share your phone number and personal information with online friends.
  • Never create, share or upload texts, photos, or videos which may make you uncomfortable or could create opportunities for others to harm you.

 - For help or to report cases, call following helpline numbers. It does not cost money to call these numbers.

 CHILD-Helpline  : 1098

 Nepal Police helpline: 100


Cyber security training by Anil Raghuvanshi sir :- CHILD SAFE NET . 










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Province 6 : Plan and Actions

 Seed Money Distribution


Provincial : Plans of Action                                                                                                                   


Province 6: Plans and Actions.

                                                      The final day of the session was ended  presenting the plan & action by each and every provinces and selecting the best plan and action from one of their plan. They were provided  with the award of Rs.75000 as the seed money. so, the province no.6 named karnali province presented by the youth delegates Indrajeet Sunar as province co-ordinator (Surkhet), Santosh Sharma, Shreejana Sahi(kalikot), Sita Sunar (Surkhet), Jaya laxmi chaulagain(jumla), hikmat adhikari(surkhaet), Deepak Budha(Mugu), kismita budha (mugu), susanti Neupane(Jagarkot), sunita kumari budha (Dolpa), khagendra kandel(Dailekh), Birsha bahadur shahi(Dolpa), kamal Regmi(Jagarkot), Dhurba Barala(kalikot), Tulasi Ram Oli (Rukum), Sangeet Bhatta (Mugu), Alisha DC(salyan), Sabin Thapa(surkhet), Japindra KC (Rukum), Tej Raj Oli(Rukum), Jevan Bahadur Shahi (Jumla) presented their plans and actions based on the SDGs  (Sustainable Development goals).

Development of the cold storage for of the proper management of the local fruits and vegetables, local products as well as maintaining the proper market for it and it was their short-term plan. Roadside plantation around the jajarkot  as well  as other districts lacking afforestation were their next plan and action. Numerous type of fruits and vegetables can be grown in the most of the districts of the province 6 , so they have been planning to trained the women of the province 6  for the organic farming in advanced way of agriculture. The idea of plantation , fertilizer, seed , farm insurance will be provided for them. This province is famous for its natural heritages like Rara ,so they have been planning to provide the training for the local people in promoting their cultural and natural sites as the best tourist destination. They will be focusing for those youth people with the low income and privileged society to provide the mobiles,laptops, reparing training in order to increase their living standard.

Local Bio-chemical industry , Biscuit  production, Drainage Management , Medical plants, Bio-gas plat in every houses are their long-term plan which was for modernization of their places. After presenting all these plans, decisions and future action. Mr. Saroj Baniya the president of the Nepal Youth Council assured for the whole delegates that their plan of action will be submittted  to the chief Minister of their own province so that it will be an easy collaboration for them to carry out the plan and action smoothly.

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Youth for Digital Nepal

                                                                                            For the Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, education and skills training are vital to prepare the next generation.


                              The life style has been moving with the changing and evolving technology. We know the value of time and we need to solve the problem of Nepal digitally. We youth have to create the opportunity in Nepal. We need to build the skills and confidence to successfully apply the technology. Yes!!!  we do have a problems, but it doesn't mean that we cant solve them. Every emerging problems should be discussed , how young people  can use digital tools for turning their dreams into reality.










The smartphone markets keeps getting updates. Almost on a daily basis and we need to change  in same manner. Through the concept of digital Nepal ,we can  launched free-Online Educations in the schools of rural villages of Nepal. we can learn about how to use social media responsibly, launched a successful business , data visualization, multi-media story telling and virtual reality etc.

 Buying something from Internet is myth in Nepal. People still afraid of it. Even though the website like , etc are doing well, they still lack the public exposure. E-commerce website of Nepal like kaymu, Nepbay, Meroshopping, harilo, Foodmandu, Yeskantipur, Muncha, Metrotarkari , etc; are doing great in Nepal. But they are doing good only inside the valley and some major ciities of Nepal.

That's why need more youth to contribute in this sectors. we youth has power to change this world and together we can achieved a lot. we've grown up learning from our parents and grandparents mistakes and we have the opportunity to make a difference. we as the generation of teenagers and young adult can start to make a change. youth can change the world . I know that , It sounds bold but our youth has the tool to begin the process.

we can achieved a lot in E-commerce platform and we have to make our online-business more power and focused to goal so that youTH can make digital Nepal.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              






























































































































































































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