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My First Blog

I’m Sandesh Poudel, an undergraduate 4th year student at Tribhuvan University studying Information Management. I’m a firm believer in the power of technology and its effects on life of people. To help people to innovate new ideas among themselves and to uplift the progress of technology in my society, university and country I applied for MSP title 2013/2014.

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As being a technological student it’s my responsibility to give some effort for my country in the field of Information Technology by making, modification in order to solve a problem, improve the existing situation to a solution by which we can achieve a goal, to perform a specific function to assess and provide other students with sufficient technological resources is my major concern. The advancement of Information Technology is growing in a rapid way in the global scale and Nepal needs to fill this gap in order to catch up to its exponential growth.

MSP title the turning point of my life


The Worldwide Microsoft Student Partners program in major discipline related to technology has completely changed my way of thinking towards technology. The MSP program has enhances my capabilities by giving me different technical training and skills which are usually not taught in academia, including knowledge of Microsoft technologies.

The MSP program has been providing me an opportunity to open new windows of thought, enhancing my knowledge and vision in different sector of Information Technology, as well as, my own creativity and empowerment has made me capable of exploring my talent to touch the highest peak in my life.

My Achievements in Microsoft

Microsoft Certification was really important for me to explore my capacity in big mass. I was passionate about Microsoft certifications and its technologies. I used to learn and share my knowledge among many people because it gives a hidden power and self-satisfaction to move ahead in life. After all my journey to Microsoft certification finally started in my life on 8th –June 2011, by being certified on MCTS (Microsoft Certified technology Specialist) and after that the willing ness to learn Microsoft technology increased day by day in my life.

Certifications achieved in Microsoft

  • MCTS (Microsoft Certified technology Specialist)
  • MTA (Networking fundamentals)
  • HTML5 with Java Script and CSS3 Specialist
  • MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer)

My Involvement in International Projects and Seminars


I have been involving in different Social projects in Nepal. I’m currently a Research Manager at Seeds of Change Foundation, INGO, USA. We have few projects working in Nepal focusing primarily on empowerment, education, technology and sustainability. I along with some willful, dedicated university students are doing research wanting to improve the availability of educational resources in Nepal, which is lacking greatly. Most of the colleges are extremely limited with the books provided by their school libraries; this is creating an ever-growing gap between the Nepalese curriculum and international schools. So to minimize the problems of education resources we are trying to create digital library system for Nepal to link students to an open environment where they can find support and educational resources to enrich their lives.

My Final Message


I feel proud of being a Part of Microsoft Community for doing different research in the sector of Information Technology and I’m assured that Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal will always play a crucial role for the development of Microsoft Platform in Nepal. MIC Nepal will make a big impact and will create a wider space for those people who are trying to seek the knowledge of Microsoft products.

At last, I would like to thanks Mr. Allen Bailochan Tuladhar, Country Director at Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal, who has 20 years of experience in Microsoft technologies and a developer of ‘Nepali Spell Checker’ a free software. He is a pioneer for technology in Nepal and can be called as Second Bill Gates for Nepal because without his efforts Nepal would have been still 2 dedicates backward in Microsoft technologies and we wouldn’t have accomplish much and most of us aim remains unfulfilled.

Posted: 10-21-2013 12:56 AM by Sandesh Poudel