Vision: After being youTH


youTH is a program or a session where student gets their chance to learn and communicate with the different technologies and programs. All these things are to make student ready for the future. So we called this session as a transformation of caterpillar to butterfly. Currently this program is being hosted by Unlimited Technology.

Having a day long last orientation class at 3rd sept. 2018, I got to know more about youTH and Mr. Allen sir vision to promote youTH or making active it.


Joining youTH will be great opportunity for me as I can be in touch with Allen sir and his team. The course content or program structure as we discussed all day is quite a lot and I found that most of the program is related to technology.

Well, the technology is the no. 1 trending in the world, So having technological programs in youTH is a great opportunity for all startups and students. 

Moreover what I like to illustrate is, we are using technology all day but by the night we go to bed we have to sleep alone, we need no technology at all. So the program is necessary which awares our life is still happy without technology, so we can control our overuse of technology

Regarding technological program, I expect to learn about hot trending fields of technology, Since most of the students want to develop AI, Could there be a program that develops an interest in other fields too.

A lot of ideas are there inside us, but we lack to research them, we do have resources but we lack the knowledge to use it. So the program or training that teaches us how to play with ideas, research them will be beneficial. I we could learn drawing on clean sheet then colouring will not be the difficult task.

During youTH program , I will probably be not the same

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Posted: 09-05-2018 12:40 AM by Sanjaya Bir Bikram Shrestha