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How Youth can help me be Successful

My life has never been anything less than a roller coaster ride. Though I'm just 19, I've had a lot of experiences; both good and bad. Everyday I wake up with a vision of doing something different and learning something new, but I always lacked the motivation and dedication. I've had a lot of opportunities in life but I backed out from most of them due to a lack of confidence.When I first heard about Youth program, an initiative taken by Microsoft Innovation Center to turn a Youth from Caterpillars to Butterflies, I didn't have confidence to take part in the event.But after a while, I realized it was time I had to pick myself up and get out of my comfort zone. When I first entered into MIC Nepal, attended a event and came out, I was a completely different person who was focused as well as motivated . The experience was life changing!

To me, riches and fame are not the cornerstones of success. To be successful, you need to make positive impacts on the world,whether small or big. As one of the motto of Youth program is "Small Change Big Impact", I knew it would surely help me  make an impact in society. I believe a small change can start from yourself, which can lead to a big change in society, the country, and even the world. I am sure that Youth would provide me a lot of opportunities where I can bring change to myself and most probably to the society as well.

 I used to be an introvert. It felt difficult communicating with other people and presenting myself in front of an audience. The audience was by far my biggest fear. My choice of career requires me to hone my hard skills but soft skills aren't a requirement. However, I always wanted to create a team and become a leader. I want to be a motivator and role model for someone. If I become Youth, then it will help me develop leadership and commanding skills which in turn will help me overcome my biggest fear.

John Wooden once said Young people need models, not critics". I have knowledge and skills that a Youth needs to be successful, and this program can be a pathway to my success. Knowledge and skills aren't the only prerequisites to become successful; one needs a reliable role model as well. MIC Nepal is a place where everyone is a role model. Everyone has their own story, which has motivated me to try and become one of them. I believe everyone there will help me be the leader that I seek to be. 

Being an enthusiast, I want to learn about new technologies everyday. When I heard that different training and workshops would be conducted for the Youths, I was really excited. It is a golden opportunity for me to experience and learn about new technologies through this program. Keeping Youths up to date with new technology is a step in the right direction for creating a smarter world and a better place to live.

"Learn from Past, Grow Today and Prepare for the future" . Youth program will be life changing!

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You will be successful one day Saphal


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Ramro cha :)