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Microsoft Professional Program

14th March,  2017(Tuesday)

Data science and Machine learning:


Today’s Microsoft Professional program was started with inspirational and fruitful speech by Allen Sir. He gave introduction about this program on how importance data science is in this present world and how can we be benefited by this program. He also talked about other MIC programs and opportunities. Also scholarship programs to china for Master Degree and PhD.

Mr.Allen wrapped his presentation with an inspiration “If its difficult then you must do it, We are here to fight and win”

“It’s not about what you can give but about what you can get.”

With this inspirational quotes Mr. Aakesh Kunwar started his presentation.

According to him, MPP is :

• Online tool to get hand on experience.

• Help people to prepare for specific job roles

• Comprehensive Curriculum.

• Validating technical skills for people using Microsoft technology.

He said Microsoft Professional Program is all about learning and dedication. There are many online videos and courses that will help us to learn data science. He also talked about the difference between data engineering and data science. This course is of 3 months including 9 courses, starts from APRIL 1. Data science is very big platform it’s not only for app developer or web developer but also for the one who want to develop their future in machine learning. It includes python, statistic, azure machine learning, etc. At the end of the course we have to submit a project which is based in Cortana (intelligent platform). He said “Mind of data scientists must be always 10 times faster than of normal people cause data science is also all about predicting future and fixing unfixed problem . “



Screenshot (30)


Why should we join MPP:


Screenshot (33)


Why data science main question that everyone has on their mind during this session?

Screenshot (35)

What data scientists do and how it feels being data scientists inspiring videos was shown where we could get answer of these questions.


What we will be getting after this course completion?

Screenshot (39)

And along with these very informative and amazing presentation, He end up his session welcoming Mr.Rohit Shrestha for another session.

Mr. Rohit Shrestha starts up his sessions about machine learning. He first gave introduction about machine learning with a definition “The goal of machine learning is to build computer systems than can adapt and learn from their experience”.

He talked about data relationship between Microsoft and machine learning also about spam filtering feature through machine intelligence.

Screenshot (42)


Serial he explained about:

· Data collection

· Data extraction

· Modern trend and prediction

· Algorithm & data training

· Unseen data handled by Machine Learning

· Azure Machine Learning – cloud

· Fun creation

· Applied web learning

· Update , expand and security

Screenshot (43)



Then demo session was done for Azure Machine Learning taking an example of income prediction.

For this we can login to Azure machine learning through with your outlook id.

This is all about drag and drop feature and its arrangements.

Then following steps were explained:

1. Data – Machine value - prediction

2. Machine Value – replacement – missing value

3. Filtering data – data building – columns

4. Algorithm – supervise & Unsupervised Learning

5. Training model

6. Split data – Unpredicted data

7. Score Model

8. Evaluate Model

He told that the whole process run in virtual machine. He gave such an inspiration to all of us to use Azure machine learning. And he end up as well with his useful session.


In this way, today’s Microsoft Professional Program wrapped up with important message “Push yourself beyond your limit and learn then later you earn.”

Posted: 03-14-2017 11:17 PM by Shirisha Maharjan