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“Expand horizons,Change attitudes”-Git and Github Workshop

             “Expand horizons,Change attitudes”

With this very inspiring quotes, Mr.Santosh purbey,CTO of Bitsinnovation started “Git and Github Workshop” formally. It is two days workshop which is supported by NTA, Bits innovation and Kings college, specially organized to promote girls in IT field.


He also gave some important  tips such as, “You should give high priority to emails when you enter into business life”.After some other useful tips and tricks for business,he started going onto the topic.He asked how many of us know about Git and Github and then he moved on to the next question as,”Do anyone of you know about the power or importance of git?”.Some of us gave somehow satisfying answer.

Then he started explaining what ‘Git’ really is, along with some perfect examples :


According to him,”Git is a free and open source distributed version control system that’s responsible for everything  related to GitHub that happens locally on your computer. It helps version control system by: updating new version of any solution, tracking all history and logs (logs include: what are the changes, who changed it, where the changes has been made and when ). It also supports working with development team for sharing of codes among team members at a same time. Along with these features it also supports files reversal or undo function to bring whole project to its earlier state.”

He,then steps towards the power of Git.Explaination he did,using following example which clarifies the power of git clearly was really awesome and user friendly simply it was easy to understand.



“Every individual can change it as per their need and desire”.

For Installation,He gave following information:



“If you are setting up Git for the first time, you need to update your name and email address”,he said.And also gave example example as given below:


According to him, “Without understanding the flow, it won’t be possible to perform any operation.For proper understanding of use and working mechanism of Git, we can refer to the following diagram”.


After teaching us about the the working mechanism of Gits,he then moved into all the codes that we will be using during these two days workshop and also in our programming.Here are the codes given below along with a title for each.

1. GIT Initialize New Repository:

-Create New Repository

> git init

-Cloning New Repository

> git clone

-Checking Status

> git status

2. GIT Common Commands:

-Add New File

> git add <filename>

-Remove File

> git rm <filename>

-Commit changes

> git commit –m “comments “

-Show log

> git log

-Show commit

>git show

3.Undoings Things

-Unmodify Modified File

> git checkout -- <filename>

-Revert a Commit

> git rm <filename>

4.GIT Branch Commans

-Create New Branch

> git branch <branch-name>

-Swithch to New Branch

> git checkout <branch-name>

-Create New Branch and Switch to that Branch

> git checkout –b <branch-name>

-Delete Branch

> git branch –d <branch-name>

-Show Branch

> git branch

5.Remote Repository.

-Push to Romote

> git push origin <branch-name>

-Pull from Remote

> git pull origin <branch-name>

-Merge to current branch

> git merge origin <branch-name>

6.Merge conflicts

He also talked about the conflicts that can occur after merging and also about the way how he can solve those kinds of error.


After completing about Git,He switched into GitHub.He explain why do we need to use Github and why is it so important.



He also taught us how members of a team can share their code and update it.Group task was also given so that we could visualize the importance of Github.

Ending ceremony:

At the end of this two days workshop,each participants were given a certificate and also prize distribution ceremony was celebrated.Top # user in facebook,twitter and instagram were awarded with a gift hamper.Hardworking team i.e. organizing team were also awarded with certificates and gifts.


Git and Github Workshop” was ended with a group photo and with a inspiration of inspiring other.

Today is better than it was yesterday,

cause I learn something each day

to make my tomorrow

even more better”

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22 April 2017, Saturday

Kathmandu Bernhardt College, Bafal




Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 got started by our very first speaker Mr. Sujan Maharjan with the question “What is cloud?” .Then some students answered this very question smartly, after that Mr. Sujan gave more detail information about the Cloud. Then he moved on to the next info “Why the cloud?”

Screenshot (80)



Mr. Ravi Kandel , Our second speaker of the day started his presentation on Azure with the quote “When creativity is unlocked, Extraordinary happens” .

According to him ,”Azure is a platform and infrastructure, for building, deploying and managing applications and services through a global network .It also Includes growing collection of Integrated Cloud Services - analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web for moving faster, achieving more, and saving money.”



Then Mr.Sujan continued by saying that ,There are 34 Azure regions and four more regions to be added soon.He also talked about the things that azure supports.


And talked about its open-sourceness as well.



Now,he moving on to one of today’s agendas ‘Power BI’. Power BI is all about Exploring and Visualizing the Data. The presentation continued with the short briefing

Process of how Power BI works:





Power BI Demo:

The demo session was started with the rough data by Mr.Sujan.The data was visualized and analyzed. In short, the use of power BI was demonstrated.

Microsoft Azure Services Demo:

Mr.Ravi started talking about the microsoft Azure services,


then he started to teach how to deploy our app/web services into azure .


He also talked about an auto scale features.



He then talked about Application insights.


He again started talking about Azure SQL databases:

1.SQL database deployment in azure.

2.SQL database threat detection.

3. Integration Azure SQL database in ASP.NET MVC


He then moved into Virtual Machine demo session,

virtual mahine



Participants learnt about the azure and its platform, its use, power bi, web hosting, azure Sql database, virtual machine and many more.The event started from 10 am onwards to 5 pm.

Now everybody knew a place that’s different but still familiar.

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Microsoft Professional Program

14th March,  2017(Tuesday)

Data science and Machine learning:


Today’s Microsoft Professional program was started with inspirational and fruitful speech by Allen Sir. He gave introduction about this program on how importance data science is in this present world and how can we be benefited by this program. He also talked about other MIC programs and opportunities. Also scholarship programs to china for Master Degree and PhD.

Mr.Allen wrapped his presentation with an inspiration “If its difficult then you must do it, We are here to fight and win”

“It’s not about what you can give but about what you can get.”

With this inspirational quotes Mr. Aakesh Kunwar started his presentation.

According to him, MPP is :

• Online tool to get hand on experience.

• Help people to prepare for specific job roles

• Comprehensive Curriculum.

• Validating technical skills for people using Microsoft technology.

He said Microsoft Professional Program is all about learning and dedication. There are many online videos and courses that will help us to learn data science. He also talked about the difference between data engineering and data science. This course is of 3 months including 9 courses, starts from APRIL 1. Data science is very big platform it’s not only for app developer or web developer but also for the one who want to develop their future in machine learning. It includes python, statistic, azure machine learning, etc. At the end of the course we have to submit a project which is based in Cortana (intelligent platform). He said “Mind of data scientists must be always 10 times faster than of normal people cause data science is also all about predicting future and fixing unfixed problem . “



Screenshot (30)


Why should we join MPP:


Screenshot (33)


Why data science main question that everyone has on their mind during this session?

Screenshot (35)

What data scientists do and how it feels being data scientists inspiring videos was shown where we could get answer of these questions.


What we will be getting after this course completion?

Screenshot (39)

And along with these very informative and amazing presentation, He end up his session welcoming Mr.Rohit Shrestha for another session.

Mr. Rohit Shrestha starts up his sessions about machine learning. He first gave introduction about machine learning with a definition “The goal of machine learning is to build computer systems than can adapt and learn from their experience”.

He talked about data relationship between Microsoft and machine learning also about spam filtering feature through machine intelligence.

Screenshot (42)


Serial he explained about:

· Data collection

· Data extraction

· Modern trend and prediction

· Algorithm & data training

· Unseen data handled by Machine Learning

· Azure Machine Learning – cloud

· Fun creation

· Applied web learning

· Update , expand and security

Screenshot (43)



Then demo session was done for Azure Machine Learning taking an example of income prediction.

For this we can login to Azure machine learning through with your outlook id.

This is all about drag and drop feature and its arrangements.

Then following steps were explained:

1. Data – Machine value - prediction

2. Machine Value – replacement – missing value

3. Filtering data – data building – columns

4. Algorithm – supervise & Unsupervised Learning

5. Training model

6. Split data – Unpredicted data

7. Score Model

8. Evaluate Model

He told that the whole process run in virtual machine. He gave such an inspiration to all of us to use Azure machine learning. And he end up as well with his useful session.


In this way, today’s Microsoft Professional Program wrapped up with important message “Push yourself beyond your limit and learn then later you earn.”

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Bootcamp For TechCampNepal.

Many of us seems to be confused regarding bootcamp for Techcamp.

Techcamp is very similar to appathon which is going to be held in March but before that there will be more than 20-25 bootcamps all over Nepal which is only for girls. Many of us may have thought that “If we attend bootcamp then we will be selected for Techcamp” , but I say this is very wrong concept. The one who attend Bootcamp will learn more about windows app development and also will get the chance to get knowledge on entrepreneurship that how should we develop our solution regarding these topics:

1.Education for girls.
2.Online Harassment.
3.Democracy and Civic Engagement.
4.Open Government.
5.E-payment system.
6.Crises Response.
7.Disaster Preparedness.
8.Climate Change.
and many more….

At the end of the session ,there will be interaction program with a representative of U.S. Embassy. In partnership with U.S. Embassy, Nepal the training for the first cohort of 33 TechGirls was completed successfully. The next classes are starting soon. If you would like to attend upcoming bootcamp then please to register in for BootCamp-2 for TechCamp.


And if you want to register for Techcamp then submit your idea in Your selection is based on how good your idea is.


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Katha ra byatha with Nakin Uddin

Yesterdays,(Oct 14,2016) MIC Nepal hosted Katha raw Byatha(Tale and Pain of Entrepreneur) with Mr.Nakkim Uddin which was really inspirational.  Nakkim Uddin, one of the Board of Deriector of TeamQuest and founder of QFX Cinemas, a company that has an impact which definitely had changed our life style. He was the one who bring vast change in Nepali cinema culture to a multi-billion industry. Nakim Uddin  talked about his Journey from his father’s bead Shop to QFX Brand.He manage a great deal and accelerate his father business.

Uddin’s wife Sameera was movie lover who weekly hauled him to cinema hall. They used to go GopiKrishna and Guna Cinema. However, he used to think those cinema hall are not comfortable to watch movie.

With the flow of time he meet Rajesh Siddhi and Bhaskar Dhungana. He thought to invest in movie by co-operating with his two friends. They took over Jai Nepal Hall which was in the state of collapse and modified it. That was the time when nobody is ready to finance on the cinemas hall. Later with his own personal loan he started the QFX at Jai Nepal Hall after that Nepali cinema culture changed into the multiplex movies.Even after all these years, Uddin describes himself as an ordinary man. His father has still ‘Pote’ shop in Indra Chowk. While returning from Taiwan after completing education, he has no ambition. His father again told him to be a part of his business and continue their family business.

At that moment, he met a foreigner who was looking for beads crafting for her jewelry shops in London. He manage a great deal and accelerate his father business and statrted to export the products.

Nevertheless, that was not enough. He wanted to explore and started a silver jewelry business of his own. Travelling like a nomad for two years, Uddin came back to Nepal and fell in love with his movie loving wife. He implement an idea and changed movie watching experience in country.

Three friends collaborate and retrieve Jai Nepal into a new phase. They began digitalizing theatre in Nepal.  They opened Team Quest, partnered with UFO Digitals, based in India and released foreign movies. Finally, opened Nepal’s first multiplex at Civil Mall.


He talked about the technology that were required to change the Nepali cinema.



He also mentioned the difficulties that he  faced on the digitalization of Nepali Cinemas.

On his motivational speech he also mentioned the example of great movie like “Sano Sansar”, “Kagbeni”, “Suntali” which are produced to enhance the and promote the Nepali Movies Industry than the money minded which also lead the success as well.


Along all these he also mentioned the reason behind the name QFX and their organization TEAMQUEST.



He also mentioned his successful project all over the country. Some of his projects or establishment of QFX into different sector of Nepal is regarded as popular cinemas halls in Nepal. Some glimpse of QFX:



b)QFX Jalma Narayanghat


d) QFX Kumari




d)Chaya Complex Center(Upcoming Proposed Projects)


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IOT Workshop

Recently MIC Nepal organized IOT workshop for MSP 2017 on which we deployed various IOT module using Raspberry Pi and Visual Studio 2015(IOT Core and Universal Windows Platform). Let’s start with Raspberry Pie.

The Raspberry Pi is a highly qualitative manufactured simple computer (Printed Circuit Board) that looks and feel very basic, but could be initiative part or builder for a numerous of geeky project. Tiny appearance just like credit card with its low-cost appeal, it has become the most demanded computer yet where more than 8 million units already sold. Some of its distinct feature:

  • 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4 USB ports
  • 40 GPIO pins
  • Full HDMI port
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Combined 3.5mm audio jack and composite video
  • Camera interface (CSI)
  • Display interface (DSI)
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Video Core IV 3D graphics core


With the help of an ARMv7 processor, it can run the full range of ARM GNU/Linux distributions, including Snappy Ubuntu Core, as well as Microsoft Windows 10. In these two days training, we have learnt to handle IOT device i.e. Raspberry pi 2 with the help of Universal Windows Platform.

It was great honor to be mentored by Bibek Chaudhary who taught us various sensor simulation using the Raspberry Pie and Universal Windows Application Platform along with the IOT core toolkits.


Some project we deployed on the workshop:

a. Controlling the LED Lights


b. Use of Temperature, Altitude and pressure sensor with BMP 280 Chip

c. RGB Color Sensor which detect the color and cast the audio output describing the color.


We express our sincere thanks to the MIC Nepal who provided us such a great platform. We’re excited for the such workshop on our future tenure.


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