Counter Strike 1.6 servers in Nepal

Counter Strike 1.6 in Nepal is really popular nowadays. There are a lot of players currently playing. Everyday so many players join to enjoy the game.
There are many servers currently being hosted in Nepal.
Some of them are:

mYktm clan servers: –=[mYktm].::Clan game::.  -=[mYktm]=-.::CS 1.6 PUB I::.  -=[mYktm]=-.::CS 1.6 PUB II::. -=[mYktm]=-.::CS 1.6 CSDM::.  -=[mYktm].::CS 1.6 Lukamari::.  -=[mYktm].::SuperHero::. / –=[mYktm].::GunGame::.

Royal TBD clan servers:   Royal.Alliance Clan Server   Royal.Alliance CSDM   Royal.Alliance Zombie   Royal.Alliance PUB

d|-_-|b clan server

|naIve|^ clan servers
Password: naï

MOD clan servers

These are some servers currently being hosted. Most popular servers are the mYktm servers.

Posted: 03-14-2013 2:33 PM by Success Maharjan