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How YOUTH can make me successful...
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The first time I heard about YOUTH program was when one of my friend who is the current MSP of our college posted about launch of this program in our facebook group. This word 'YOUTH' caught my attention and I had to know what this program was actually about. So I decided to go to the event where this program was being launched. And after going there and listening Allen sir talk about the objectives and goals of this program, I realized that this program is what I had been wanting to be a part of for a very long time now.

My love for technology goes back to late 2069 when I started to learn web designing after finishing my SLC examination. Since then, I have learnt and taught myself different things related to technology and have been wanting to contribute something in the field of technology. So after completing my +2, I enrolled in an Engineering college. But the reality of engineering colleges in Nepal, I found it to be very different than what I thought it would be. The things that we learn in our college aren't just enough to excel as more than just a simple programmer. For the plans that I have for my career, I needed much more than just theoretical knowledge provided in our college such as presentation skills, communication skills, leadership quality, entrepreneur skill. I believe becoming a part of YOUTH program will help me achieve those skills and prepare me to face any kinds of obstacles later in future. 

From 1st year of my life as an engineering student itself, I have been participating in software competitions organized in various colleges and always looking for opportunities where I can learn many things related to technology and also teach as many people as I can about things that I have learnt and I believe that YOUTH program will give me that opportunity in a much larger scale. I've always loved to motivate people and help them in ways I could. Becoming part of YOUTH will give me many opportunities to help my juniors and other people as well and to motivate them to achieve their goal.

Becoming part of youth, I will get opportunity to meet many like minded people, grow my network and learn many skills which will be very much beneficial in my life later. The fact that by becoming  a YOUTH I will be very busy and involve in many activities whether it be related to technology or not, excites me a lot. Also I am very thrilled about the activities I'll get to involve in such as promoting digital finance through e-dheba, build a  video map(Alleys Map), exchange program with Bangladesh or India for hackathon to solve adolescents problem using technology, using Amazon Web Services and many more.

Also I've always been very much concerned about the environmental pollution and climate changes. I've always believed that Youths of Nepal has got that energy to solve the problems related to environment. I have spoken to my friends about it many times in the past but never got good response from them. Since YOUTH program is being done in collaboration with organizations such as UNDP and WWF, I think becoming a part of YOUTH will help me grow my network and one day solve the problems related to environment and climate changes in Nepal.

I believe that becoming a YOUTH, I will get to acquire all the knowledge and experiences I need in order to develop my personality, strengthen my confidence and openness, grow my network, and become a better person than I was yesterday. I am very much thrilled to become a YOUTH and start my journey and become a butterfly from a caterpillar.


Posted 06-30-2018 2:12 AM by sudinjoshi
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