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1st orientation of Youth Program titled as YouthNepal 2018 was held on Jun 22 at Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal which was hosted by Unlimited Technology Pvt. ltd.

At present context of Nepal, the whole future of the country depends upon Youth and Technology. So this program fully supports the youth. Something around 7 hour of time we spend was really awesome, memorable and inspiring. We love the thing that the whole time was carried out with the keynote “Youth” dialogued with ‘dance like no one is watching, sing like you are in the shower, live like it’s the last day’, etc.


We are grateful to our Allen sir for such an inspirational talk and discussion with us.He explained the importance of technology, told us the ideas to generate the solution of the problem the people are facing in daily lives through our skills. The discussion went on about the key for success is all about hard work, focus, communicating skills and technology. The story of Sonika Di about her journey from MSP to Silicon valley and then up to space research Korea and about digital financing ,really motivated us and helped to learn the importance of the thing that are to be done in the journey of life. The talk about the Entrepreneurship with Nayna Mam was the unexplainable. Her concept of Pretotype really makes sense. Task she gave us to think like the entrepreneur to launch a product, and the team work with totally strange people for first time working on it came to realize us the journey begins towards success now. She makes us realize that if we don’t do to build our dream, someone else will hired us and build their.

Personally speaking, in this orientation I learned more than I had expected. As a vice president of student union I have conducted and attended several programs in my college but literally this program really touched upto my soul. It provided me the strength to vision, path to implement my engineering skill.As people says to be successful inspiration plays 1 % and perspection is 99% but this session went out with a 100% inspiration to gain that 99% perspection for me. I really appreciate Allen sir and the whole team. Thank You YouthNepal. Thank You MIC Nepal.

Posted: 06-30-2018 5:32 PM by suman sunar