"Take feedbacks, spread awareness", says Army man


As we passed by the VIP Longue, we met a person from a different field. He was Col. Kumar Dangol from the Nepal Army, who came at Swaabhimaan for the first time. He was very happy to participate in this event. Talking about the current scenario of ICT in Nepal, he said, "It’s gradual, but not rapid". Along with it he also made a point to be note that this shouldn't be negatively interpreted because the awareness was created in the society would definitely find its pace for the development.

In a question asked about the role of the government, he said that government has to act as a facilitator, derive policies and more importantly create a suitable environment for people to work in. He also added that government has to play a role of a guardian.

"Nepal Army has always been positive in promoting ICT in Nepal. We need professionals, but the conflicts in budgets and policies create a wall between public and army", he answered to a question about how was Army promoting ICT in Nepal.

He made a comment about the present status of ICT in Nepal, where he said, "Nepal's still Pre-mature" pointing the status where other part of the world resides.

Conclusively, to the improvement of Swaabhimaan, he suggested the organizer to collect the feedbacks from the programs, work on it and spread awareness among the generals to prepare for the better Edition of Swaabhimaan.


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# re: "Take feedbacks, spread awareness", says Army man @Sunday, April 26, 2009 9:42 AM

Feedbacks are the most important part of an event. They must be heard and moreever implemented in a proper manner. Then only we will see a new era of ICT in Nepal.

Let's work together to create an e-Nepal. That's how we find a shortest path to development. That's how we show our loyalty towards our country. Let the words come from the hands, converting the thoughts into the words.

Best wishes to Microsoft Swaabhimaan...

Kushal Gautam

# re: "Take feedbacks, spread awareness", says Army man @Monday, April 27, 2009 8:36 PM

I exactly support your views Kushal!

Pradeep Kandel

# re: "Take feedbacks, spread awareness", says Army man @Wednesday, March 6, 2019 3:33 PM

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