Government and People destined for ICT Development

“This seminar is quite different from others”, says Madhusudhan Guragain who is running a telecenter at Panauti. In a conversation about the rural telecenters, Mr. Guragain quoted a mantra among the 108 mantras of Allen Tuladhar, ‘under whose authority shall the telecenters remain’. He is hopeful that the government will take those 108 points seriously. In fact those 108 points were diverse and inclusive too.

Mr. Guragain didn’t hesitate to praise the activities and efforts shown at Swaabhimaan. He’s totally pleased by the activities, as he feels that this version of Swaabhimaan is totally a nEw one. Besides, he also made a note about the lack of implementation in our country. “People gather in meets, they have a little chit-chat and then everything will be back to normal as if nothing had happened”, said Guragain in a satirical manner. But he again pointed out the uniqueness of Swaabhimaan 2066 for its initiative taken for the ICT Development in Nepal and he’s much hopeful about this task to be a success because he sees a successful international company, Microsoft supporting the event.

Guragain specially focused on the projection of the government services into the rural areas via telecenters. He expresses a sort of satisfaction that government is trying to work on it and private sectors are showing their co-operations. But he is not happy with the way things are going. “Telecenters are initiated, technicians stay for about a month and when they handover the telecenters, they’ll hardly remember the telecenter which they had worked on. This is the main problem”, said Guragain.

He wants to project the health, education and information services to the people via telecenters and as expected he expects help from the government. He complains about the government’s working pattern as there are lots of plans but the implementation lack planning. He presents a concept to establish the telecenters at every district headquarter if “All villages connected” program cannot be succeeded.

“We are running symbiotic activity with some schools, where the school provides space to the telecenter for 3 hours such that the students use it. And the telecenter will be paid some percent from the student's fees. Thus, this is helping school as well as the telecenters”, answered Guragain to the question about how telecenters were working in the rural areas. He also added about Microsoft's Unlimited Potential.

As Microsoft has no direct networks of the telecenters across the country, it relies on FIT Nepal to extend its services throughout the country, while Microsoft has been facilitating people from 'Grass Root Training Centers'.

May Swaabhimaan address the rural sectors for the strong implementation of the government's plan of action.


Posted: 04-26-2009 12:08 AM by swaabhimaan