Coordination solves the problems, say experts

The formal session of this conference was started by the Chairperson Juddha B Gurung, Executive Director of High Level Commission for IT (HLCIT), Co-chairperson Bimal Sharma, CIT Nepal (BRR), commentator Ramesh Adhikari, MS Nepal, and Speakers Sudip Aryal from Postal Service and Sudarshan Raj Sharma from PASS System Pvt.Ltd.

In this track, the coordination of the telecenters was the most concerned. According to the presenter, "We are here because of Microsoft Swaabhimaan 2066, after going from here we feel lack of communication and coordination between us". This hinted that those talks made in the past were not much fruitful. Participants said that talks were more rather than the implementation.

"Interaction between the major stakeholders, we have to make national level alliance so that it can be used effectively on the coordination of telecenters", said a presenter.

The session concluded that in the past there was always vertical coordination, there was no horizontal coordination between the telecenters. "Had there been a coordination between telecenters then there would not be problem of sustainability, maintenance and support". This infact is the greatest obstacle in the ICT Development.

Talks shall be converted into works, then only the importance of such conference will be felt in countries like Nepal.




Posted: 04-28-2009 9:40 PM by swaabhimaan