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Coordination solves the problems, say experts
The formal session of this conference was started by the Chairperson Juddha B Gurung, Executive Director of High Level Commission for IT (HLCIT), Co-chairperson Bimal Sharma, CIT Nepal (BRR), commentator Ramesh Adhikari, MS Nepal, and Speakers Sudip Aryal...

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Government and People destined for ICT Development
“This seminar is quite different from others”, says Madhusudhan Guragain who is running a telecenter at Panauti. In a conversation about the rural telecenters, Mr. Guragain quoted a mantra among the 108 mantras of Allen Tuladhar, ‘under...

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Automating Government Form Using the Microsoft Office System
Er. Ganesh Regmi “Shisir”, from Brain Works gave the presentation how automating government office, forms using the Microsoft office system. Mr Regmi says, “ with the Microsoft office system, government agencies can attain a lots of...

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Rural Computing: Role of Telecentres for developing e-government for a citizen centric New Nepal
25 th April 2009 A telecenter is a public place where people can access computers , the Internet , and other digital technologies that enable them to gather information, create, learn, and communicate with others while they develop essential digital skills...

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Rural Computing: Models of Telecentres for Development of Rural Nepal
25 April, 2009.2:30 pm This is the third session of "Rural Computing track" chaired by Nilambar Acharya( CA Member). The co-chairperson, Binod Dhakal, General Secretary of CAN shared his experience of establishing telecenter 4 years ago at Silgudi...

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आमन्त्रीत ब्यक्तीको भनाईः
माईक्रोसफ्ट स्वाभिमानको आफ्नो चौथो वर्षको उपलक्ष्यमा यसले सञ्चालन गरेको ३ दिने कार्यक्रमले मलाई निकै नै उत्साहित गरायो । यस कार्यक्रमको मुख्य उदेश्य देशमा आईसीटी क्षेत्रमा विकास गरी नेपाललाई ई–गभरनेन्स बनाउने रहेको जस्तो लाग्यो । अ झ एलेन बाइलोचन...

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