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‘Success’ is myth ‘Youth’ is real



“Empty and energetic brain holding creatures who will or tend to do the development of themselves and community are YOUTH”



"Success", I find the word very complicated in itself. Several intelligent minds have its own definitions. Some may call it as 'a dream come true', some may call it as satisfaction. But the heart of each illustration is 'to meet the purpose of every dedication, hard labor and team work'.

Simply, reaching the purpose is success. Youth is organized with a purpose. The purpose of transferring caterpillars into butterflies, the purpose of spreading the magic of technology and the purpose of creating a team, who can change the world with the  power of technology and unity. Determining a goal leads us to the half  way on the journey of being successful. Unity, dedication and confidence are the qualities of a prosperous person. And youth is organized to teach the students team work which eventually guides them to work with a team to be humble and united. It inspires them to be dedicated on what they are doing. Also, it prepares them to confidently present their ideas in front of the world. Overall, it is organized with a motive of creating a successful person- YOUTH.

Success might have several definitions but YOUTH have only one definition and that is been successful. It is organized to create a big impact by small act!!!

Posted: 06-28-2018 3:41 PM by Swekshya Paudyal with no comments