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  • Vision: After being youTH

    Introduction: youTH is a program or a session where student gets their chance to learn and communicate with the different technologies and programs. All these things are to make student ready for the future. So we called this session as a transformation of caterpillar to butterfly . Currently this program...
  • YOUth: An Opportunity

    I attended the youth orientation programme conducted by Microsoft Innovation Center, Kathmandu Nepal. It was a full package which not only provided us with information and encouragement to be part of the YOUth program but also inspired us to live our dream and be a responsible citizen as a youth. I think...
    Posted to Chrisha Shrestha's Blog by kreesa on 09-05-2018
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  • Essence of Youth

    Being a youth in this generation means taking the power in our hands to mold and shape the future world. While there is always so much learning to do and so much knowledge to gain from different places there is also a huge responsibility to spread that knowledge and empower others with it. This the core...
    Posted to Bodhita Tuladhar's Blog by Bodhita Tuladhar on 09-04-2018
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  • Success and youTH

    “Youths are the building block of our nation”, this phrase is true and applicable to no matter which ever the country is. Youths help the nation grow so if the youths are stronger, our nation itself becomes stronger. You th is a program that helps in the gradual growth of the youths of our...
    Posted to Tanusha Ayer's Blog by tanusha on 08-22-2018
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  • How can youth help you become successful?

    ‘You to the power th aka YOUTH’ implies your self-strengths, the strengths that have no bounds! We are all living in a country which is still in its developing phase. As the youths (i.e., the youngsters) are considered to be the nation’s future, hence I believe that the country’s...
    Posted to Aruna Gurung's Blog by Aruna Gurung on 08-21-2018
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  • Youth Program - My steps to Success

    What is YOU th ? YOU th Program is a title given to you as an Embassador for Technology & Socio-Economic activities. Being entitled with YOU th is also being empowered with skill enhancement training for personal and professional growth. Being a YOU th is also a responsibility for the title holder...
  • This is how you do the YouTh

    YouTh is not a single event or a program planned out for a short period of time. Neither are the youths involved in it spoon-fed on everything needed. It is rather a platform that seeks to empower the youths through a series of events in a sustainable manner. Instead of being spoon-fed, it challenges...
    Posted to Prashan Thapa's Blog by Prashan Thapa on 08-20-2018
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  • Youth a Way to Success!!

    Have you ever thought that why everyone is not successful? Why a child with so much childhood dreams can’t even answer a simple question ‘What is your aim??’ when he is a youth? What is going wrong? Are we youth really in our way to success? These are some questions that arises in my...
    Posted to Nipesh Pant's Blog by Nipesh on 08-20-2018
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  • A few can matter a lot many

    The youth is the period of people’s life where they decides what they will be in the future. The skills they cultivate in the fertile period of their adolescence stay with them until the end of their lives. However, what if the knowledge gained by the person is subpar and maybe even… irrelevant...
    Posted to Aayushma Limbu;s Blog by Aayushma Limbu on 08-19-2018
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  • YOUTH (You to the power TH)

    As the title says, Youth is just You but with the th times power. This is an award and title provided to selected energetic youth below 27 years of age who will be volunteering icon of promoting digital awareness, new technologies and other activities for the welfare of the community. Here is what I...
    Posted to Sijan's Blog by Sijan Neupane on 08-19-2018
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  • When I'm Selected as a Youth

    There will be a lot of responsibility to youth when they are selected. If I am selected as a youth I also have a lot of works to do. The top Three things are as follows but my works are not limited to this only. 1. I will attend all the training, workshops and Boot-camps and share my knowledge to others...
    Posted to Bipu Ojha's Blog by Bipu Ojha on 08-18-2018
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  • YouTH: A Dream of Every Youth

    Everyone has their own dream to survive their life. Different dreams at different time helps to live the life happily.I never dream to be rich,own a car and many more. But being the IT students, I have always dream to be MSP- Microsoft Student Partner and later on I heard MSP has revised version as YouTH...
    Posted to Bishal Paudel's Blog by Bishal Paudel on 08-18-2018
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  • Can Youth help me be successful?

    As per Mr. Allen Bailochan Tuladhar; " You to the power th is You th program. That's what its all about". I was really moved by these words and these words definitely were powerful introduction and overall summary of what this program is all about. Since this year, changing the MSP title...
    Posted to Aadarsha Paudel's Blog by Aadarsha Paudel on 08-18-2018
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  • How can Youth help me to be successful?

    Success comes to those who have the hunger of learning new things. Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome. Youth program is a path for me, path to reach my target followed by my passion! “Youth” will help me to stand on my feet and achieve...
    Posted to Bina Maharjan's Blog by Bina Maharjan on 08-17-2018
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  • How can youTH help me be successful?

    Everyone has their own definition of success. Well i have mine too. For me being successful is equivalent to make myself able in such a way that i can give, that i can help people around me. I can only see myself successful when i i will be able to make a positive change in peoples life. Nepalese are...
    Posted to Atul Kayastha's Blog by Atul on 08-17-2018
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