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Commencement Speech by Indu Tuladhar


The council of thinkers managed by HIDR Nepal has brought us a discussion matter on women’s empowerment. This program is a collaboration of national and international organizations like Government of Finland, Janata International, UN Women, Multiparter Trustfund, Equal Access, HIDR Nepal, etc. 

Women’s financial empowerment is their right and it is what the society needs. It is the dream of both the government and the society. And to change this dream into reality, we must analyze properly with research based evidence. And to do this we must go with plans, law and order. In order to do this efficiently, this policy dialogue event has been conducted.

The main reason of this discussion is to generate evidence based knowledge product so that women can play significant roles for the betterment of the society.

The motive is to make women able to learn and change the dreams into reality.

Posted: 01-24-2018 10:23 PM by Utsav Ratna Tuladhar